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Writing Works Game (Grade 5+)

PJR Associates, Ltd.

P.O. Box 2482
Alexandria, VA 22301
703-683-4348 (Fax)

It's amazing how many new educational board games are being created to help kids learn while having fun! Most kids like to play board games, so it's an easy method of helping a child learn without them realizing it. I have a son who fits that description, and I'm always looking for good board games for him. Writing Works is three games in one box-WRITE Right, SELECT Right and THINK Right. Included in the box are two-sided game boards, player markers, and game cards for the various games.

WRITE Right-This game helps players recognize a good paragraph, one that has a discernible beginning and ending as well as a few details in the middle. The child is handed a set of cards and asked to place the cards on one side of the game board in a logical order to construct a paragraph. The child then turns the cards over to see if they are in the correct sequence.

SELECT Right-Turn the game boards over to the other side and place the markers at the Start. A player chooses a SELECT Right card, reads the short paragraph, and answers the question at the bottom. If he is correct, he moves the number of spaces indicated on the back of the card. If the answer given is wrong, the player doesn't move at all. The first player to reach the Finish wins the game.

THINK Right-This game covers grammar, punctuation, and sentence formation. It is played just like SELECT Right but with a different set of cards.

My son is just beginning fifth grade, and he liked these games. He didn't think they were too hard or too easy-they were "just right" for him. I enjoyed playing the games; they actually had me thinking through them, too! The only caveat is that, after playing the games a few times, the child begins to learn the answers. So this board game does have a limited time of usage. If the players have memorized everything, it doesn't mean they didn't learn anything . . . just that you can't continue to play it over and over again. And at $28 for the game, that may be a little steep for some budgets. I do think the game would be great for a co-op situation because it wouldn't be getting heavy use-maybe once weekly. So it would last an entire semester or whatever time is allotted for classes. It's a great game for kids of all learning styles-visual, tactile, and auditory. All in all, I believe this is a nice product that helps keep learning fun!

Product review by Kris Price, Assistant to the Publisher, The Old Schoolhouse Magazine, LLC (with help from her son, Ian!), September 2006

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