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Healthy Habits Game

Blue Bucket Games

P.O. Box 92283
Austin, TX 78709-2283

Kids love to play games, so why not a game that makes learning about healthy habits fun and interesting? Healthy Habits by Blue Bucket Games ($39.95 for the English or Spanish version) uses kids as the game pieces as they learn about healthy living. The game consists of two large foam dice and 30 large cards, about the size of placemats, which are laminated and coated on the back to decrease the risk of falling. The cards show positive habits (such as, "You ate your carrots. Move ahead to the oval." and "You drank plenty of water today. Move ahead to the circle.") and negative habits (such as, "You sneezed on your friend. Go back to start." and "You wouldn't go to bed on time. Now you're tired and grumpy. Go back to start."). The game board (cards) can be set up any way you like, inside or outside, to keep the game interesting. The idea is for kids to learn healthy skills as they move around the board and see the consequences of the behaviors they land on during each turn. It is designed for ages 3 and up and can be adapted for kids with special needs. Kinesthetic learners and active kids would particularly enjoy this game!

I really like the concept of Healthy Habits. It's a great idea to teach healthy habits through play, and allowing the kids to be the game pieces makes it fun and different. The game allows practice in many different skills, such as early math skills to count the number on the dice, reading, taking turns, and social skills. It's fun to set up the game around the living room or in the backyard to make it different each time. The quality of the cards and dice is very good so they would likely take the wear and tear of most families. The only drawback is the price, which I think is a bit high compared to other games.

I can see why this innovative game was listed by Dr. Toy in the "100 Best Products of 2005" and earned a place in their "10 Best Active Toys for 2005." Healthy Habits provides an easy and fun way to teach our kids healthy eating, exercise, social skills, and sleep habits!

Product review by Dr. Anne Margaret Wright, The Old Schoolhouse Magazine, LLC, September 2006

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