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Feeding His Sheep

Paul Singh
Stephen Stapleton
P & L Publishing

4216 Weymouth Lane
Sacramento, CA 95823

This is the most unique recipe book I have ever seen, hands down! Feeding His Sheep is an 8.5" x 12" wood-covered cookbook (this gives new meaning to "hardcover"), bound by leather lacing! It includes over 200 parchment pages of recipes based on Scripture. This is completely unique!

Upon opening the book, you note these are not ordinary recipes. Yes, there are recipes for angel pie, venison steak, chicken enchiladas, coconut walnut waffles, honey chicken, and mango marinade (and they are extra yummy recipes). But they list ingredients such as "4 tsp. Malachi 3:16." Whas is that ? You have to look up the Scripture reference to find out.

This makes for wonderful learning--and not just how to cook up "any old recipe." This is such a neat recipe book that makes a wonderful learning tool, and it would make a great gift! This book includes quotations, songs, and Scripture throughout--the family can learn Scripture and cook up some very delicious meals at the same time! This cookbook would be a wonderful addition to the homeschool family's kitchen! Definitely recommended, Feeding His Sheep is very special.

Product review by Lisa Barthuly and Family, The Old Schoolhouse Magazine, LLC, May 2006

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