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Mommy Teach Me Spanish!

"Que Duermas Bien - Sweet Dreams"
By Jeanne Keene, M. Ed
Fiesta Friends
17 Meadow Ridge Lane
Purvis, MS 39475

It is no great secret that in our American society we will do our children a huge favor if we teach them to speak a second language. Similarly, we all know that the earlier a child is exposed to a second language, the more quickly he or she will be able to learn it and to learn it with better comprehension and a more authentic accent than if he or she had waited until adulthood to learn the language.

In many parts of the country, Spanish speakers abound. Therefore, equipping our children to speak that language can not only prepare them for potential bilingual workplace situations but also open doors to ministry both here in the States and in countries where Spanish is the primary language.

The Mommy Teach Me Spanish! "Que Duermas Bien - Sweet Dreams" DVD is a terrific basic introduction to Spanish for the youngest children in your home. Specifically, this DVD in the Mommy Teach Me Spanish! series focuses on bedtime words and phrases such as "I'm tired," and "go to bed," as well as many related words such as "clock," "room," and "pillow." The idea is that by teaching your under-9-year-olds words and concepts that are familiar to them, they will more quickly try to use what they have learned and will retain it better. They will be able to daily practice what they have learned.

As a mom, I got a big kick out of telling my children, "A la cama (go to bed!)" and having them understand and reply, "Si!" I am a Spanish speaker, so the accent comes naturally, but for the parent who has had no previous experience with Spanish, the words and phrases are shown on the screen at the same time they are spoken.

But the real test is with the children. Would they want to watch it again after the first few times? My 6-year-old, 5-year-old, and 2-year-old daughters all enjoyed this video. They asked for it even though they have other long-standing favorites; they sang the little songs in Spanish after only a few viewings; and they used the phrases appropriately after they had learned them. For us, Mommy Teach Me Spanish! "Que Duermas Bien - Sweet Dreams" is a fine introduction to the Spanish language and a good use of children's time.

Product review by Kendra Fletcher, The Old Schoolhouse Magazine, LLC, June 2006

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