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Bible Alphabet Curriculum

By Victoria Carrington
Carrington Family Publishing
PO Box 43351
Cleveland, Ohio 44143

Victoria Carrington's Bible Alphabet Curriculum is geared toward preschoolers learning the alphabet. It uses Bible rhymes on 3 x 5 cards to reinforce the letters the children are learning. A short Scripture on the bottom of the card serves as a memory verse to accompany the rhyme the child learned. An accompanying CD provides the parent with three things: a resource of coloring book pages with Biblical themes, an explanation of how to teach each card, and pages of all the letters taught with the name of the Biblical character used in teaching the letters. The explanations on the CD were thorough enough, but the coloring pages really disappointed me. I was expecting coloring pages with pictures to go along with each letter card. Instead there are only five pictures to color with a bunny template added in. I was thoroughly confused. The letter pages were well done, so this seemingly unfinished resource really surprised me.

My children know their alphabet already, but if I had a preschooler who didn't know the alphabet, I would definitely use this. The flash card approach is very appealing to me. It helps to use this method when you're trying to make the most of whatever educational moment you stumble upon. Preschoolers are very active, but these cards are so small they can easily be taken wherever the preschooler is. I'd most definitely use the letter pages with my preschooler as a reinforcement of what we learned that day.

I would recommend this curriculum to my friends, but I'd add with it a strong warning about the coloring pages. There seems to have been a lot of research that went into this curriculum and for that it warrants buying. Just get your child a separate coloring book.

Product review by Lyria Moore, The Old Schoolhouse Magazine, LLC, June 2006

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