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Spin Your Web (music cd)

By Mary Kaye
Mary Kaye Music
5 Old Mill Rd.
South Berwick, ME 03908

Spin Your Web is a music CD that includes 13 tracks of original music for children, written and performed by Mary Kaye. Spin Your Web's target audience is children ages one through 8 (or toddler through third grade). It has a total running time of 34 minutes and 30 seconds.

I would classify this as a "just for fun" CD, though some of the songs would probably border on educational. The title track, "Spin Your Web", talks about the different "jobs" that animals do: spiders spin webs, beavers build dams, fireflies light up the sky, and how they all work together to make up our world. Another song, "B.B. Dickinson", is about a girl detective. There is a song called "Let's Get Dressed" which would be ideal for those young children who are learning to dress themselves. It would be considered somewhat of a cheer. We also enjoyed dancing and acting silly to "Blueberry Dreams"—a song about picking and eating blueberries. Some of the songs have rhyming lyrics, though many do not. I did not find the tunes to be very "catchy" and would think they would be hard for a child to pick up on. But, it was fun to follow along with the lyric sheet (included on the CD jacket). I'm not sure who the artist is who created the CD jacket; but it's in the style of a child's drawing, which I think would really appeal to children.

I did not really care for this style of music, nor did my twelve year old daughter. It was very much in the style of folk music, which is not something that I typically enjoy. Because of this, I would probably not be quick to purchase additional CD's by the same artist. My five year-old daughter, however, really seemed to like it. She asked to listen to some of the songs over again. If your family enjoys folk music—songs with very unique tunes and words—then this might be just the CD you are looking for.
-Product Review by Heidi Strawser, The Old Schoolhouse Magazine, LLC, June 2006

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