Learn from Bloggers: What Is a Homeschooler?

If you're a parent educating your children at home (or wherever it works for your family!), you can likely agree that homeschooling is more of a lifestyle than an educational alternative. There are so many ways your kids can learn, and every family has their own way of customizing the learning environment and materials so that it works well for each child and the family as a whole. What also works well is having other homeschoolers share their experience and insight to help other families along in the fabulous homeschooling journey!
The articles and resources below are all about homeschoolers and blogging - such a good combination! Two of the articles below feature homeschooling moms who started off blogging for homeschoolers and built a business from their hobby in two very different ways. In "How to Start a Blog - Interview with Lisa Marie Fletcher," we have an interview article where Lise Marie shares about how she started The Canadian Homeschooler and gives sage advice on starting, building, and monetizing a blog. Homeschool coach, Teresa Wiedrick shares her journey in "Help with Homeschool: My Journey from Blogging to Life Coach." You'll learn what motivated her to start blogging and how she used the process of writing about her family experiences to guide her in the right direction in various areas of her life, which was just what she needed to fully transition to her business as a life coach for other homeschool moms looking for direction.
There are so many platforms that you can use to start your blog whether you just want it as an outlet to record your own experience, as a way to help other homeschool mamas, or with the intention of building an online business. One platform to check out is, a unique environment for like-minded home educators to be social online. You can start your own free blog and share your thoughts and insights, your homeschool journey, or any other topic you want to share on your very own site. Learn all about it in "Here’s Your Homeschool Community:"
(It’s not just for Bloggers!).
Be sure to scroll down to see all the helpful content on homeschool blogging and what a homeschooler really is. As you'll find out, there's not one way to homeschool or to be a homeschool mom! Don't miss the More For You section that has additional resources to gain more insight on this theme.

Blogging has become a popular choice, specifically for homeschooling moms. It gives them an outlet to share their journey as well as connect and encourage other homeschoolers out there. We sat down with Lisa Marie Fletcher from The Canadian Homeschooler to ask her about her journey in blogging.

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It dawned on me that what I was offering was a marketable skill, life and homeschool coaching. It was a marketable skill that was fueled by my natural bent and passion: helping and supporting others as I comfortably held space for other people’s big emotions and challenging stories, where I could be fully present with others, and where I could help them clarify their present challenges, help support them to work toward solutions that felt real for them, and help them feel supported in their journey.

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If you’ve been homeschooling for a long time, you may remember the original, which was extremely popular prior to the days of Facebook. In 2021, The Old Schoolhouse® brought back the social media platform. The new is turning two. Have you visited yet? If not, you’re invited to stop by, and while you’re there, become part of the online homeschool community.

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"Train up a child in the way he should go and when he is old, he will not depart from it" (Proverbs 22:6).