Fun Educational Fruit and Vegetable Games for Kids


Fun Fruit and Vegetable Games for Kids

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June is National Fresh Fruits and Vegetables Month! These games review what kids know about fruits and vegetables. The games use children’s knowledge of colors, math, and basic information about fruits and vegetables. There is even a game thrown in just for fun, to help kids burn some energy after a day in school, or channel their excitement about a birthday celebration.


Fun Games with Colors:

Have the children stand in a circle. One player stands in the center. This player tosses a beanbag to a player in the circle and calls out a color. The player who catches the beanbag must name a fruit or vegetable of that color. That player then tosses the beanbag to the person in the center, while calling out another color.

If a player can’t name a fruit or vegetable, they leave the game. If the player in the center gets out, then the player who asked that question moves to the center.


Fruit and Vegetable Activities for Kids:

Players sit in a circle with one player in the center. Select three or four fruits or vegetables and have the players in the circle call off the names so each player is designated as one of the named fruits or vegetables. The center player calls out something like, “All apples change places with all carrots.”

Those players scramble to change places while the center player tries to sit in one of the vacated spots. The player that doesn’t get a seat in the circle moves to the center and becomes the new caller.



Fun Games with Multiplication:

This game requires one-to-five sturdy vegetables, such as turnips, carrots, potatoes, etc. The children sit in a circle. Select a vegetable, and assign it the number five and the multiples of five. As the students pass the vegetable, they count aloud. Instead of saying “five, ten, etc,” they instead call out the name of the vegetable.

When the students are comfortable doing this, add in another vegetable and give it another number and multiple. Send this vegetable in the other direction. If a player forgets to call out the name of the vegetable instead of the number or multiple, that player is out. Add to the chaos by adding in additional vegetables with different numbers and multiple designations.


What Am I? Kids’ Games:

This is one of those educational games that doesn’t feel that way when kids are playing the game. Paste pictures of fruits and vegetables to index cards. Attach one card to the back of each child’s shirt with a spring clothespin.

The children move around to the other players asking yes-or-no questions that will help them determine the identity of their fruit or vegetable. Some examples of effective questions, “Do I have seeds? Does my outer coating need to be peeled before I can be eaten? Do I grow on a tree?” Players who discover their identity can remove their card, and still move around to answer other players’ questions.

Have more fun by creating fruit and vegetable sculptures, or making vegetable prints with kids. Whether these activities are used within a unit on plants, or as games to fill a birthday party, kids can use the information they know about fruits and vegetables to have fun and learn something new!


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