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ABC See, Hear, Do Level 1 Bundle, Uppercase Letters Review by Amy Bernatek

Stefanie Hohl
ABC See, Hear, Do

ABC See, Hear, Do Level 1 Bundle is an out-of-the-box, ready-to-go curriculum. Homeschool families can use this curriculum with children ages two and up or those learning to read. The author creates simplicity in learning to read but engages several senses to engage students. This curriculum teaches reading through visual, auditory, and kinesthetic learning styles. The student will see the letter and hear the sound that it makes. They will also use hand motions to make it easier to remember. The author has an order for each letter presented. For best results, stay in page order. Each letter has a colorful animal pictured below it that begins with that specific letter. Then, there is an action the students do with their hands that cleverly acts out the sound of the letter. It is a unique and exciting approach.

There are a few ways to use this curriculum. Most pieces are stand-alone, and each book contains instructions for the parent on how to teach it. The author provides each book or set of flashcards as an individual purchase.

There is also a bundle option. I recommend this one. The Level 1 Bundle includes all the pieces to create a fun learn-to-read curriculum. By creating this bundle, the author allows parents to teach the concepts in multiple fashions. The bundle includes:
ABC See, Hear, Do Level 1: Learn to Read Uppercase Letters
ABC See, Hear, Do Level 1: Coloring Book, Uppercase Letters
ABC See, Hear, Do Level 1: Writing Practice, Uppercase Letters
ABC See, Hear, Do Level 1: Curriculum & Activity Guide, Uppercase Letters
ABC Zoo Kids: Cat Can Fix It! I Can Read Level 1
ABC See, Hear Do Flashcards: Uppercase Letters
ABC See, Hear Do Flashcards: Uppercase CVC words

The cost for the bundle is $74.93. With various tools included in the bundle, the author allows parents to teach this curriculum wherever they choose. Each piece in the bundle is added reinforcement to the concepts presented.

My five-year-old son and I sat down with the “Level 1 Learn To Read Uppercase Letters” book. We started from the beginning and practiced each sound and hand motion as indicated on each page. We did not say the letter name, as stated in the instructions guide. After practicing the first four letters, my son was ready to sound out words. We went through those first four letters two times. At the end of that practice, there are a couple of words to sound out. He was so excited to realize he had sounded out a word alone! Introducing only four letters at a time gives success without pressure on the child. I was amazed at how much he remembered by using the hand motions. The sounds just naturally came along with the hand motions. He was so excited and wanted to keep going. We continued with another two sections of the book.

The “Coloring Book’ and “Writing Practice” books reinforced the letters. My two-year-old was participating alongside my five-year-old, learning at his level.

The “Curriculum & Activity Guide” gives recommendations for daily lesson planning and a complete supply list for every activity. There is a suggested weekly focus and also extended lessons. The author created 20-minute lessons. Each student’s needs vary, so the time is only a guideline. The extended lessons add more suggestions for review.

Parents should read each lesson ahead of time. The lesson consists of the curriculum and Enrichment Ideas. This pattern follows for every letter taught. It is excellent for families with children of various ages. The Enrichment Ideas section lists crafts, games/activities, snacks, and picture book suggestions. I enjoyed this feature, as it allows teaching to my children at their level. I could pick and choose a few of each idea as time allowed for us.

My son wanted to try the flashcards once we mastered a few letter sounds. The flashcards are great because they show the picture, and he can act out the sound and motion. The letter shown below the picture was positive reinforcement for him. We could work on letter recognition after the hand motion and sound. The flashcards are a unique way to mix it up but still cover the same concepts. The bundle also includes another level of words on flashcards. It features other beginning words and follows the same style as the individual letter flashcards. The flashcards are a fantastic resource. It allows for on-the-go learning or a different way of practicing letters or words.

The “Cat Can Fix It! I Can Read Level 1” book complements this bundle. This beginning reading book uses the same concept of the animal below the corresponding letter. It helps the child sound and act out each letter. The book is colorful and focuses on just a few words on each page. It is a beautiful way to celebrate the success of mastering each letter and learning to read!
I have enjoyed this Level 1 Bundle. My children have been excited to work through the curriculum. My son has learned to read. He uses the hand motions and sounds when he tries to sound out other words. I highly recommend this homeschool curriculum.

-Product review by Amy Bernatek, The Old Schoolhouse®, August 2023