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Dozer's Run: A True Story of a Dog and His Race Review by Tess Hamre

Debbie Levy with Rosana Panza
IllustratorDavid Opie
Sleeping Bear Press
315 Eisenhower Parkway, Suite 200
Ann Arbor, MI 48108

Dozer’s Run: A True Story of a Dog and His Race is about a Goldendoodle that decides one Sunday morning to leave his yard and follow a group of marathon runners. The story begins with Dozer and his best friend Chica investigating all the wonderful smells in the yard. Marathon runners begin to pass, one by one. Dozer leaves Chica behind because he must find out what the runners are chasing. He runs with them all the way to the finish line and then makes his way back home, but not until the next day.

Debbie Levy weaves the true events shared by Rosana Panza, Dozer’s human, with imagination to create a charming story from Dozer’s point of view. The story explores what it might have been like for Dozer as he ran, what might have been running through his brain. Dozer assumes the role of leader and encourages everyone to keep running. He is certain they are running to someplace wonderful. At the finish line, it is not so wonderful for Dozer. No one gives him attention. No one gives him a treat or reward, so he keeps on running. The book ends after Dozer has come home, rests for two days, and then receives a visit from two of the runners who present him with the prize that every runner received: a big shiny medal.

The final two pages of this 32-page hardcover book are the Author’s Note. In this section, we learn more about Dozer and the race, and more importantly, something wonderful that happened after the race. It was a fundraiser for cancer. Though Dozer doesn’t race anymore, he does help raise money to fight cancer because “people keep donating money to celebrate him.”

I really enjoyed the illustrations by David Opie. The colors were soft, almost mute, but not dull. The full-color illustrations reminded me of paintings and were full of detail. Many of the illustrations filled both pages of a two-page spread.

The book measures 11”x 9” with a suggested interest level of ages 6-9 and a reading level of grade 3. This is a fun book that can be enjoyed over and over again. It is a great book to bring along while waiting in a doctor’s office or waiting for music lessons. This is yet another keeper from Sleeping Bear Press.

-Product review by Tess Hamre, The Old Schoolhouse® Magazine, LLC, October 2014