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How To Be Friends With A Dragon Review by April Elstrom

Valeri Gorbachev
Albert Whitman & Company
250 South Northwest Highway, Suite 320
Park Ridge, Illinois 60068
(800) 255-7675

I love books that are both written and illustrated by the same person. When I read a book illustrated by the author himself, I feel as if I have a complete package, exactly as the author envisioned it.How To Be Friends With A Dragon is a whimsical story written and illustrated by Valeri Gorbachev.

Simon loves dragons. He loves everything about dragons and spends all his time thinking about them, drawing them, and playing with his toy dragons. Then his older sister, Emma, decides to give him some advice on how to be friends with a dragon, and all the rules to follow in order not to make him mad. Simon promises to follow all the rules, or at least try.

How To Be Friends With A Dragon is a cute story that will definitely grab the attention of children ages 2 - 8, especially the boys. The story and the illustrations are humorous, gentle, and fun. Valeri Gorbachev's illustrations are soft, colorful watercolor paintings, with pen and ink details. They fit the whimsical style of the story perfectly. The book itself is a quality hardcover with a dustjacket. The pages are a sturdy weight with full-color, full-page illustrations. At 9.25 x 11.25 inches, it is the perfect size for reading aloud, while snuggling up with your children. The larger pictures make it easy for multiple children to enjoy at the same time.

This story doesn't have a moral. It is simply an enjoyable story to read with your children. I love the book, though I know that some families prefer that all their books have educational or moral value. Although this book does feature a dragon, there are no mythical creatures or other magic in the story. I didn't find anything at all objectionable in the book. My three year old son loves How To Be Friends With A Dragon, and I enjoy reading it to him.

Product Review by April Elstrom, The Old Schoolhouse® Magazine, LLC, March, 2012