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The Book of Proverbs: God's Book of Wisdom (Book 1: Proverbs 1-15) Review by Melissa Cummings

Kevin Swanson
Generations with Vision
10431 South Parker Road
Parker, CO 80134

With the underlying principle (as stated in the Introduction) that "when it comes to the education of a child, it is faith and character that are primary in God's estimation," this book is a great aid for parents desiring to educate their children by teaching the fear of the Lord and the application of His wisdom to every other aspect of life. In fact, this Bible study aid would be wonderful for a married couple or a single adult as well. The wisdom of Proverbs is applicable to everyone, in every situation, and this concise yet thorough study exemplifies that in each lesson.

The principles in Proverbs prepare a child for relationships, for ministries, for work, for life, and Swanson isn't afraid to tackle the difficult subjects in Proverbs, such as sex, adultery, money, and apostasy. Swanson says that Proverbs "gives insight into the proper views of theology, anthropology, and human psychology." It not only teaches about the Lord and His attributes, but since it is written from a very wise father to his precious son, it explicitly teaches how to live in the world the Lord has created and how to interact with the people He has created as well. We are reminded that we should "not separate discipleship from education, or the fear of God from 'academic subjects.' " The methods used in this book will not only prepare you and your child to study Proverbs with an analytical, prayerful lens but will also give you the tools you need to continue studying the rest of Scripture.

Divided into 109 different study sessions, this book provides a very thorough look at the Book of Wisdom. Each session examines a short section of Scripture (often just one or two verses). You'll find a Scripture portion to read, text that expounds upon the Scripture reading, and down-to-earth and thought-provoking Family Discussion Questions at the end of each section. This book would be a great resource for family worship, homeschools, or even Sunday schools. Easily adapted for different group sizes and age ranges, the study is very versatile. The discussion questions seem most appropriate for anyone over the age of 6, but they could be adapted for younger children--even toddlers. Emphasizing the importance of parent-led spiritual life and yet incorporating individual accountability and participation, the study aids children in their spiritual growth under the supervision of their parents and encourages them to take hold of their relationship with God at the same time.

True to the theme of Proverbs itself, this book stresses the importance of wisdom in the Christian life. Seek it, love it, keep it, impart it--that is the crux of the message. This study guide is available for $20, which is a great price for such an excellent product. And with its easy-to-implement format and the ease of spiral binding, this book is also small enough that you can take it along with you wherever your family may go.

Product review by Melissa Cummings, The Old Schoolhouse® Magazine, LLC, April 2011