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Wondrous Worksheets Review by Kerri Schnetz

Wondrous Worksheets

Wondrous Worksheets is a website where you can download and copy worksheets. Currently, they have over 600 worksheets available. These worksheets are intended for children age 3 on up to about 5th or 6th grade. Worksheets are grouped under categories such as Handwriting, Spelling, Grammar, Reading, Math, and Science. And there are some "fun and games" sheets too. Once you pay your yearly subscription, you can download and print as many worksheets as you want or can use. The worksheets are in a PDF format, which requires Adobe Acrobat Reader (a free program) for viewing and printing. The link to download Acrobat Reader is provided on the Wondrous Worksheets site. All worksheets can be saved to your computer and printed as many times as you like. They say that, on average, about 20 new worksheets are added each week.

This website is a great resource for homeschooling families, especially those who have used workbooks in the past. I am homeschooling ten children at this time, and workbooks can be very expensive and do not always give children enough practice in an area. Handwriting is a perfect example; after completing the "A" practice page, the child must either go on to the next letter or practice on a plain sheet of writing paper. But if you are using Wondrous Worksheets, you can just print off as many copies of the sheet as your child needs. Wondrous Worksheets can be used alone or as a supplement to your other programs. Also, those of us with preschoolers know how much they want to be included in the school activities. They want their own schoolbooks and papers too. Wondrous Worksheets are great for giving them something to work on.

I am very pleased with Wondrous Worksheets. They have a good selection of worksheets and are adding new ones all the time (an average of 20 per week, they say). At $14.95 for a one-year subscription, this is definitely a good value. The one drawback that I could see is not having a printer that makes reasonably priced prints. My laser printer prints black and white very reasonably, but some color printouts would be more expensive to buy the ink for. The color copies are, of course, a lot more fun.

Product review by Kerri Schnetz, The Old Schoolhouse® Magazine, LLC, January 2008