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Feed My Lambs books and CD set Review by Dr. Anne Margaret Wright and Teri Lucas

Compiled and edited by Derek and Michelle Brookes,
illustrations by Max Belmont
Aurora Production AG, Switzerland
Distributed in the U.S. by Activated,
P.O. Box 462805,
Escondido, CA 92046-2805
1-877-TO-BE-ACTivated (1-877-862-3228)
1-877-862-3228 (Toll Free)

Our deepest desire as parents is to see our children walking with the Lord as they grow into godly adults. The Feed My Lambs books and CD set are intended to help children in their Christian walk by helping them memorize scripture. Feed My Lambs are priced at approximately $20 for the set or the books and CD can be purchased separately. The set includes six books with bright, colorful pictures covering a total of 90 memory scripture verses. It also has a helpful guide with tips for parents and teachers, a checklist to keep track of the verses memorized, award certificates and stickers. The CD has 41 songs that contain all of the 90 memory scripture verses, set to upbeat music, to reinforce the learning.

The scripture verses are broken down into 15 topics, such as Love, Salvation, Faith, God's Promises, Holy Spirit, Prayer, Christian Living and Obedience. The verses are taken from the New King James Bible and New International Version, or sometimes a simplified version between the two. The guide for parents and teachers is thorough in describing why it is important to memorize scripture and how to use the product. The pictures in the books clearly illustrate the meaning of the verses and provide an additional memory aide. Utilizing the books, learning with a parent, and listening to the CD adds several ways of reinforcing the verses, making it very appropriate for children with a variety of learning styles. It would be suitable for preschool through early elementary-age children.

My six-year-old son, Benjamin, particularly liked this set. He has Down syndrome and is just barely learning to put letters together to read, so we looked at the books together and talked about some of the verses. He loves the CD and has learned most of the words in a short period of time. Having the verses set to music, and reinforced through picture books that we can read together, gives him several avenues for understanding the important scriptures used in this set. I like that the program is simple to use, contains everything you need, holds my son's attention, is colorful and fun, and provides another way to hide important verses in his heart and mind.

There are only two things that some families may not like. The first is that some verses are a compilation of two versions of the Bible, rather than exact scripture. The second is that some of the music on the CD goes beyond the normal bee-bop type of music normally found on children's music CD's. Most is very calm and peppy, but a few songs are in a mild rap format or other types of mild rock music that some parents may not like. A few of the songs sound a bit forced, as though trying to fit the verses into the music, rather than writing the music for the words. That being said, it was nice to have a CD of children's songs, sung by children, that didn't make me want to pull my hair out by the second or third time through! We all enjoy the music and have found this to be an excellent way to reinforce the scripture memorization. Overall, we found this to be a very positive and powerful way to study and teach scripture to our younger children!

-- Product Review by Dr. Anne Margaret Wright, The Old Schoolhouse® Magazine, LLC, March, 2006

Feed My Lambs is a Bible Memorization course for children which is comprised of six colorful books containing simplified verses illustrated by a bright cartoon-like picture, a CD of songs, a progress chart with stickers, bookmarks and a parent/teacher guide all stored in a compact little box. There are 90 verses in all which are organized by topic.

The 15 topics highlighted in the course are as follows: love, salvation, faith, God's promises, prayer, God's word, Christian living, God/Jesus, following Jesus, obedience, forgiveness, the Holy Spirit, witnessing, healing and fighting the good fight. All of the verses are adapted from the King James Version of the Bible with consultation of other translations, namely the New King James and New International versions.

The verses are also broken down by degree of difficulty, level I and level I. This allows even very young children to begin to memorize the scripture. Finally, every book highlights the "sinner's prayer" in a simple way so that every child can make a decision to accept Jesus Christ. If you are not sure where to begin everything is nicely covered in the parent/teacher guide, even suggestions to help you make sure your child has understood his decision to follow the Lord.

I like the Feed My Lambs program very much. We incorporate scripture memory right into our homeschool program. In about seven weeks even my Down Syndrome son has learned three verses. He walks around the house singing the scripture songs and is quite pleased to share his newfound knowledge with anyone who will listen. I probably would have made the pictures a little less comic book like and others may not appreciate the fast beat of some of the songs, but my children certainly enjoy dancing and clapping along. This is a great way to make learning scripture with children both easy and enjoyable. This product is well worth the price of $8.95. I highly recommend it.

-- Product Review By: Teri Lucas, The Old Schoolhouse® Magazine, LLC, December, 2005