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Now that the cold weather and hot chocolate season are upon us, we often find it hard to get outside our warm house and be active. I realize that as much as we enjoy our cozy home, making memories outside of it is just as important as the moments we share inside. Thankfully, I have created our families Winter Break Bucket List and decided to share a few things from it with you all.

  • Family Sing-along: Last year my husband gifted me a portable karaoke microphone that we take everywhere. This year we plan to take it to a local nursing home and sing Christmas Carols to the residents. This gives us an opportunity to spread love and share of the holiday season with those who may not have family nearby. We also pass out homemade cards, cookies, and punch to everyone that attends. If a resident is currently bedridden, we take the items to their room and sing a few songs for them there. We enjoy hanging out with the grandmas and grandpas, as we call them, and appreciate their enthusiasm in participating with us.
  • New Christmas Lights Trail: Every year we attend a Christmas Light Trail in a new neighborhood or at a new venue. Even though the people change the themes each year, it’s exciting to us to visit a new place. Most of these venues are visited in town; however, when we travel a trail is always included. So far, the most unique trail we visited was on a local NASCAR raceway.
  • Pajama Olympics Competition: Each year during the winter season we hold a Family Pajama Olympics gathering at our house. We invite our friends, family, and church members to come to our home wear comfortable pajamas and play silly games. During the games we keep an official score and the winning team gets awesome prizes like gift cards and Groupon certificates. We also give extra prizes out for the best pajamas and social media likes.
  • Virtual Field Trips: Since the weather outside can be a bit frightful during this season, we use this time to attend virtual field trips. I always set up a tray of finger foods accompanied with a seasonal beverage like hot chocolate or egg nog. While we snack, we can tour various companies, countries, parks, museums, aquariums, and zoos. I’m grateful that we have attended so many wonderful places for free’ however, some websites do require a small fee.

Each year, as my husband and I decide what is going to go on our calendar, these four events are always requested. Of course, we do other things but these have become staple Winter Break Bucket List traditions in the Kemp household. It is my prayer that reading about our family activities will encourage you to head outside your home, even virtually, to experience something new.


Ta’Neisha Kemp – I’m a proud wife that spontaneously serenades her husband in public. I’m a cool mom that has dance battles with her children. I’m the keep it real friend that doesn’t tell your business. I’m also the lady that cries actual tears while watching romantic comedies. I’m also the lady that cries actual tears while watching romantic comedies and reading books. If you’re a homeschool teacher that enjoys a quick “I totally understand” moment in between subjects and chores, then we just became best friends. I’m a proud believer, living a balanced life where taking care of my family is my ministry!

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