God's Confirmation Gives Confidence to Homeschooling Mothers


God’s Confirmation Gives Confidence

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As a homeschool mother I occasionally wonder if my children are truly receiving the best education. Not because I find myself inadequate or because I lack teaching confidence. I honestly think that it’s just normal to wonder sometimes. That’s why I’m so grateful that God hears my silent wonders and always provides confirmation.

During a recent family emergency, we were surrounded by family, friends, and other people coming and going so of course, the school question came up. I never take offense because it is completely normal to see school aged children at home and wonder why they are there. Nonetheless, to hear our four year old proudly proclaim he is homeschooled made me smile. To hear our 10 year old confidently answer other children’s questions about his education also made us proud. I laughed out loud when I heard his peers asking their parents if they could be homeschooled.

Another recent revelation of growth was displayed when our oldest son stood in front of a congregation of people that he did not know and gave a presentation on a lost loved one. He spoke so articulately, boldly, and he didn’t even let his emotions hinder his speech. He read the crowd, threw in some extra jokes, and he comforted a mourning group of people perfectly. My husband and I were so proud of him.

Though these situations that brought our whole family together were sad or an emergency, I was truly grateful that my children were able to hold conversations with people of all ages. They made hurting people laugh and offered hugs of comfort to anyone crying. The cool kids, as I call them, did all this without the urging of my husband or me. To me that is the ultimate portrayal of homeschool in action. I didn’t need them to recite the alphabet, provide math problem explanations, or even break down any scientific theories. Our fruit was displayed when our children socialized with people of all ages and gave them what they need it. These were just two moments that God provided confirmation that we have made the right decision.

So don’t be discouraged when the days aren’t perfect or the checklist isn’t completed. Don’t let your faith waiver when you occasionally wonder if you are giving your children all they need. Just ask God for gentle reminders and remain confident in his ability to provide you with everything needed to follow through with his plan for your household.


Ta’Neisha Kemp – I’m a proud wife that spontaneously serenades her husband in public. I’m a cool mom that has dance battles with her children. I’m the keep it real friend that doesn’t tell your business. I’m also the lady that cries actual tears while watching romantic comedies and reading books. If you’re a homeschool teacher that enjoys a quick “I totally understand” moment in between subjects and chores, then we just became best friends. I’m a proud believer, living a balanced life where taking care of my family is my ministry! Blog: Marriage, Motherhood, and Makeup http://married2kdk.wordpress.com

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