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Although blog audiences are spread out across the globe there are definitely few things we might have in common throughout the year, including LOCAL FREEBIES. During special holidays companies enjoy the benefit of sharing free items, activities, and even hosting giveaways for their customers; however, most of these opportunities will be repeated throughout the year. Within this post I’ve highlighted a few ways your family can enjoy fun and rewarding activities at low or no cost.

Classes at local home improvement and home décor stores are always available for adults and children throughout the year. I enjoy learning new things; so I attend classes at Michaels and Joann while our children go to monthly workshops at other stores including Home Depot and Lowe’s. These classes, including free and paid options, are available in store or online; and some require registration (so be sure to sign up as soon as possible). Here are a few stores that currently offer monthly free classes for children:




Toys R Us

Home Depot

Pottery Barn

Lakeshore Learning (also offers free teacher workshops)

Reading programs at local bookstores have grown tremendously in my decade of parenting and are now offered at national stores as well as local “Mom & Pop” establishments. By participating in the reading programs, your child can earn points, prizes, or even free books. We’ve participated in the Barnes and Noble as well as the Half Priced Books reading programs and enjoyed both. Our family also attends the weekly story time hosted throughout the year at Pottery Barn and Barnes and Noble. Again, be sure to visit locally-owned book stores to see what programs they offer. Some might be willing to create a program if the demand is high enough.

Family fitness programs can also be found at low or no cost throughout the year at your local recreation center. Several times a year recreation centers in our area will have a free preview period and invite the entire city to try several classes prior to committing. They also offer specials for signing up with extra discounts for large families or paying in full. I also suggest checking with larger churches that have a gymnasium or workout center on their campus to find out if they offer fitness programs you can participate in. In March, our family is participating in the 2018 KIDFITSTRONG Fitness Challenge which is the world’s largest mobile obstacle course for all ages and fitness levels. This event is free and those tickets can be obtained via Eventbrite.

Of course, I can’t mention every low or no cost activity we’ve participated in recently, but I do hope this post inspires you to find more freebies in your area. Eventbrite is a great place to start your search for local events that the whole family can attend. You can also check out my Homeschool Tips and Tools blog post for information about additional homeschool rewards programs.


Ta’Neisha Kemp

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6 Comments to “ Family Freebies Near You”

  1. JoAnn says :Reply

    Thank you for this information. It’s always great to find local freebies.

  2. Love your thinking. We’ve tried a few of these things ourselves and anything like you mention does bring extra fun and delight to life. Our biggest freebie (except for lost books) has been our local library. We live close enough to walk and my kids are always the first to pick up their free T-shirt for finishing the summer reading challenge. They have all kinds of programs and extra ones in the summer.
    I’ve also just discovered a local rock collecting club. Although I’ll be spending the small amount it costs to join soon, attending their meeting with my 2nd grader was free and he was thrilled to get little samples of volcanic rock and hang out with other geology nerds. We even got member-provided cookies afterwards!

    1. Those are definitely great freebies!

  3. Our Lovely Lifestyle says :Reply

    These sound like fun!

  4. Meg says :Reply

    I love this list! I hadn’t heard Michael’s had free kids classes. I need to check these out!

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