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Since the focus for February is usually love, I am sharing a few ways my husband and I have date nights that are romantic, fun, and within our monthly budget. Though all household budgets are different, these tips will still be a good starting point for you to build on or reduce as needed to fit your family’s lifestyle.

Private Picnics: No matter what the weather, you can be sure there is a perfect spot to have a picnic in your area. In the warmer months, I surprise my husband with outdoor picnics for lunch at museums, butterfly gardens, apple orchards, and even popular food trucks. For winter weather, I love putting the children to bed and having a romantic dessert picnic in our home. Just light some candles and the fireplace (or play a fireplace on TV via Netflix) then play some soft music while you enjoy each other.

Staycations & Vacations: We are truly blessed because once a month our parents take the children for the entire weekend, during which we enjoy romantic getaways. For hotels, we like the great prices offered by the popular online travel websites where you pay 2-Star prices for 4-Star hotels. Airlines also offer great deals on tickets throughout the year, but if you’d rather not fly, visit tourist attractions in your area during “off” peak times or when they offer special deals.

Grab a Groupon: I usually don’t mention websites directly but Groupon is definitely a budget friendly one-stop shop to plan the perfect date night or vacation. We use this website to find low cost couples massages, spa treatments, vouchers to exquisite restaurants, and movie theatre tickets for $5 or less. Groupon is known for offering frequent coupon codes that allow you to receive extra off their already fabulous deals.

Nothing like a Night In: Last, and certainly not least, I hope you never overlook the perfect night inside your own home. There are several quick and easy gourmet meals you can make with ingredients already in your kitchen. If your chef skills aren’t up to par, try out the newly popular meal delivery kit services and prepare the meal with your spouse. Watch an old movie, reminisce about your history together, and enjoy after-dinner coffee while cuddling on the couch or snuggling in bed.

This year, be sure to make time with your spouse a priority because it will help solidify, energize, strengthen your bond, and make you both feel appreciated. This also shows our children that spending quality time alone is necessary and important to maintain a healthy marriage.


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