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It Starts at Home . . . a simple but profound statement. As parents, we have an awesome responsibility to teach our kids about God. It starts with us; it starts at home. Featuring Gary Thomas, Matt Chandler, and Kurt and Olivia Bruner, this course aims to help parents confidently build a legacy of faith for their children. Though we’re busier now than we’ve ever been, let’s not miss the chance to teach our children what matters most. Our children can grow up smart, athletic, popular, and polite but lack a vibrant relationship with Christ. The few hours they spend in church each week can be helpful, but it cannot nurture a faith in our kids that will withstand the trials that are on the horizon. Church alone cannot teach them; we must start at home. In these six sessions, families can explore topics like faith, marriage—your children are watching, relationships, truth, communication, and character—preparing your kids for the real world.

One of our newest courses, Charlie Church Mouse Talks about God and Our World, can help as you are teaching your little ones about God. This is a video series for children between the ages of 3 and 7. It is a mix of live action and 3D character animation in a fantastic place called Moose Canyon. Children have a chance to learn, explore, and have fun with the help of Charlie Church Mouse and his lovable cast of friends. Life lessons based on Biblical principles as well as academic lessons vital to early childhood development are taught. They are taught about God’s love as well as other important Biblical principles such as sharing, loving others, serving God, being truthful, giving to those in need, praying for others, and more.

Sometimes our best-laid plans don’t quite work out. Our dreams of the future come crashing down. Another new course, When Things Don’t Go as Planned, is a series of articles from one of our members who is a mom who has been there and is still taking the future one step of faith at a time. She offers encouragement as well as practical tips and resources for families facing the pain of broken relationships.


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