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feel like you're failing

I really had a whole other post planned out. I was going to wax eternal about the unique homeschool culture and how to maintain a healthy attitude when confronted by your own insecurities.

It was going to be AWESOME.

But…the more I wrote, the harder I was able to take myself seriously.

Sometimes, it’s not that deep.

Most of the time, you just need to just do the thing. The “thing” being homeschooling your way.

It’s tough being a new homeschooler. Or an older homeschooler who feels that maybe she hasn’t done it the right way when her teenage soon gazes vacantly at her when she brings up the Supreme Court and fractions (not in the same sentence, mind you).

Or is this just me?

I have, however, come to the point in my homeschooling journey when I am thankful I taught the boy how to read directions and ask Google.

Teenagers know everything anyway. We are still arguing over the correct way to list the movies in the Star Wars franchise (A New Hope is still the first). I also still insist on listing Pluto as a planet…no matter what my son tells me. It’s not my fault those scientists changed their mind.

You see, my one and only son is going into the final stretch of his senior year. And I want to encourage those of you who still have a ways to go.

I have come to the pleasant place in my life that no matter what, I am grateful for the TIME I have invested into my one and only son. We spent years on those fractions…but those were good years.

There are things that I wished I could have done a better job doing. But when I look back and as I look forward, I am so grateful and thankful about the relationship I have built with my son.

We simply only can do the best we know how to do…and let God take care of the rest.

Homeschooling comes with its own set of challenges uncommon to the common man.

For one, it can be often hard for those who don’t homeschool to truly understand how it all works. You have probably received the same kind of incredulous questions and comments from well-meaning folks about homeschooling as I have.

I think I have perfected my snazzy comebacks. Tell me what you think. You are welcome to use any and all as needed.

Questions from well-intentioned but clueless people (I mean that in a nice way).

“Isn’t there something else you have to do?”

“Who makes sure you’re doing it right?”

“Is it legal for you to issue your son a diploma?”

Snazzy comebacks.


“Me and Jesus. Hopefully.”

“You bet your bippie.”

For some reason, it is hard for some to consider education outside the structure of a traditional classroom. But is that really our problem that they don’t know about nature journaling?  Or cozy afternoons spread out all over the floor wrapped up in fuzzy throws listening to Cherry Jones reading Little House?

And how do they not know about how we need both chalk pastels AND oil pastels. Or why we have whole playlists of classical music? And why my grocery lists sometimes also include extra ingredients for salt dough maps and science experiments.

Some of us (I’m trying not to do my best not to look at any of you directly in the eye) have had a hard time with those ugly comparison traps. And let’s be honest. Many of you are also very much the overachievers.

It can be very tempting for some of us to look at other homeschooling families and feel like we don’t measure up.

Our house is messier.

Our kids are noisier.

Nobody has ever accused our kids of being prodigies at anything. We’re just happy to make it through a single math lesson without tears or, at least, a vacant expression.

Sister, it’s time to embrace the crazy that is your life. Dive deep into all the things that make your family unique. Work on the things that need some fine tuning but never be afraid to be perfectly you.

And never, ever apologize or try and explain away your commitment to your family. So some things aren’t the way we want them.

I have found that I do operate better when my house is tidier.

Does this mean my house is spotless all the time? Nah. My son used to build whole action scenes in the living room using every tiny toy he could find. He is now a teenager with mountains of wadded socks and Cosmic Brownie wrappers hiding under his bed.

But I have enjoyed every minute of that Cosmic Brownie, sock hoarding boy. Are there some things I wish I could have done? Yes. Are there things I wish I still could stuff inside his teenage brain? Yep.

But I don’t regret the homeschooling life we chose to live.

You are doing a wonderful job.

Rebekah Teague is the homeschooling mama to one busy and beautiful boy. She is married to The Muffin who is a pastor and a really great guy. In her spare time she can be found with a book and a cup of tea. She blogs at There Will Be A $5 Charge For Whining

feel like you're failing

1 Comment to “ You’re Doing Great”

  1. Jennifer says :Reply

    This was so good. I remember that one and only boy of yours standing in the door smiling when I would bring him a banana. he gave me the name of Gee Gee. I wish I could have been around him more as he has grown up , but the times I have seen him have been great. You are doing a great job with teaching Josiah. You will never regret the time you spent teaching him .
    Love you guys

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