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History is more than simply names and dates. It is real people who lived at a particular place and time—a time with its own music, art, and literature; a place with its own culture, government, and struggles. Dr. Carol Reynolds skillfully brings these aspects of history to life in Imperial Russia. This college preparatory course for grades 8-12 contains 12 modules of lecture-based lessons, assignments, quizzes, and exams along with answer keys. Students have the opportunity to learn about medieval princes, major historical developments that shaped Russian history; architecture, folk art, key contributions of many Russian authors, works of Ballets Russes and the rise of revolutionary art and music in the early Soviet period. Students will also be introduced to the Cyrillic alphabet and will have the opportunity to become familiar with Russian names and basic terms. Core lessons contain a video lecture by Professor Carol that is usually 45 minutes to an hour in length. If It Isn’t Baroque . . . The History of Western Music with Michelle Martin is a 12-week study of the history of the music in the western world for elementary through high school students. It begins with music in ancient times in Egypt, Greece, and Rome and progresses through Biblical and medieval times, the Renaissance, and modern music. Students will learn about the differences in the types of music, and they will have an opportunity to make some of the instruments from ancient and Biblical times. Listening activities are included, as well as activities to encourage deeper research in topics of interest.




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