Why Is Art Study Important for Kids?

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Art study is a field that must be given as a daily lesson for kids. Art includes many things, from 2-dimensional objects to 3-dimensional objects: painting, drawing, sculpture, architectural design, and digital art. All of that is interesting and useful to learn because human life can’t be separated from art. Whatever the child’s intelligence, they still need to study art. Here are the reasons why:


  1. Art study allows kids to empathize

By learning about the history of creating the art, kids know the life of the artist and understand the influence of the environmental conditions of the artist on the artwork produced.


  1. Appreciation of artwork expands kids’ mindsets

The artwork was made to stimulate one’s thoughts. Viewers of a work of art are invited to explore more about past memories in various aspects, about the trips that have been made, the colors associated with emotions in the past, the environment of the homeland, and associating it with the artworks.


  1. Appreciation of artwork makes kids more tolerant

Art appreciation helps open the mindset of society by listening to different perspectives, views, and interpretations of art. It encourages thoughtful conversation and understanding that there is more than one approach to everything.


  1. Practice motor coordination in conveying emotions and messages that exist in cognition to the canvas

An artist is able to produce a work with his hands, a work that is based on what is in his thoughts and feelings, which he expresses through hand movements and color selection onto the canvas. This is very good for children to learn, so they can better channel their emotions in a positive and productive way.


  1. Learning visual arts teaches kids about the colors, layouts, compositions, perspectives, and techniques needed to present their thoughts.

The child’s artistic skills can be applied to the other lessons such as science, math, language, design, etc.


Making and appreciating works of art is very good to do and from a young age they can benefit from the art study. You can get a complete worksheet art study for the art study guide that I made here.


My name is Maria Magdalena, I live in a coastal remote area of Indonesia with my teenage son and a lovely husband. We like to travel. I write my homeschooling tips and journal at my blog Living Ideas (, and sometimes I make printables to share with my blog’s readers. I’m so glad that I have the opportunity to share about homeschooling with The Old Schoolhouse® readers.


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