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In the hustle and bustle of Christmas, we forget that there is so much education during the holidays. As homeschooling families living a lifestyle of learning, Christmas presents unique scholarship opportunities!

Let’s explore all the ways your children can learn at Christmas!


The story of Christmas (mostly found in Luke chapters 1 & 2 and Matthew chapters 1 & 2) never grows old. It is full of all the exciting things people love! Angels, miracles, prophetic dreams, drama, escape, babies! The Bible reveals a God who loves us so deeply that He sent His one and only Son to be born as a helpless baby.

We love to read the entire Christmas story starting with prophecies from the Old Testament each year. We thrill at Elizabeth giving birth, John leaping in his mother’s womb, Joseph staying with Mary after a talk with an angel, angels singing to shepherds, wise men bringing extravagant gifts, prophetic words at the temple from Anna and Simeon, and a mad dash to Egypt.

Learn more about Jesus’ birth in my podcast The Birthday that Cut History in Two.

Underneath the drama, there is a yearly reminder to our children that God can do anything! And He loves us dearly!


There are so many character-building opportunities at Christmas.

Opening our home for caroling parties or cookie swaps cultivates the spirit of hospitality in our children’s hearts.

Making and choosing gifts for others teaches our children the joy of giving.

Giving to the poor, filling a shoe box for war refugees, or sending a missionary box all teach our children compassion in a super-practical way!


Our children learn history at Christmas!

Beyond learning about the focal point of history (Jesus!), our children get to listen to all the old family stories. Nothing can replace Uncle Ted’s story of Christmas during the Vietnam War or Aunt Sally’s tale of celebrating Christmas after 9/11 in New York City.

Not all stories will involve world events, but history is history! Family stories actually create in children a desire to learn more about history.

So, ask Grandma to tell the children how she celebrated Christmas in the “old days.”

For more history tips, listen to my podcast How to Enjoy History!

Homemaking/Life Skills

There are a year’s worth of homemaking opportunities in December. From baking cookies and making candy to creating bath salts and knitting a blanket, let your children jump into the arts of home.

Here are a few Christmas homemaking skills opportunities:

  • Baking Cookies, Cakes, and Desserts
  • Planning Holiday Meals & Shopping Lists
  • Wrapping Presents
  • Shopping/Lists
  • Cooking Holiday Foods
  • Candy Making
  • Soap Making
  • Home Crafts
  • Decorating for Christmas
  • Deep Cleaning before Relatives Arrive (let kids help!)
  • Knitting, Crocheting, Cross-Stitch
  • Sewing, Quilting, Serging
  • Cake Decorating
  • Card Making
  • Calligraphy


Let children sign Christmas cards and write notes in their very best handwriting.


That family Christmas photo each year where you think “Never again!” is actually a learning experience. Spacing, light, color, and background are all basics of photography.

In addition, children can take photos, and the best ones can be developed and put into a special Christmas album. Take pictures and talk about what makes a good picture.

Financial Management

Christmas can break the bank! But it doesn’t have to. Make a Christmas budget, and let children know what it is. They can help you stay within your means.

As children get older, they will want to spend their own money at Christmas—another great learning experience about budgeting, spending, and stretching!


Children can write the family Christmas letter. They might want to author a poem, Christmas story, or essay on Christmas. Grandparents love to get these treasures!


Paint, draw, build, craft, and put together all kinds of handmade gifts this Christmas. Making and giving a handmade gift is precious for both the giver and recipient. And, of course, your children are learning new skills and strengthening old ones.


I love Christmas carols. Not only are they fun to sing, but they are packed with theology!

Listening and singing Christmas carols is a music lesson because many of the melodies are not simple! Beyond singing, learn to play carols on an instrument!

Singing in the children’s choir for Christmas is a great opportunity for your children to get free music lessons.


Is there a church Christmas play? By all means, let your children jump in and expose them to drama!

Communication Skills

Christmas involves so much visiting with other folks—a great time to grow in all kinds of communication skills:

  • Active Listening
  • Asking Questions
  • Helping People Feel Welcome
  • Expressing Opinions in a Humble Way
  • Introductions

Conflict Resolution

Okay, conflict resolution isn’t something we want to learn, but honestly it is something we need to learn.

There can be conflict at Christmas, and learning to handle conflict in a loving way helps every family thrive instead of just survive.

You and your family can learn more about conflict resolution by listening to my podcast Fight Fair!

So, make the most of the holidays this year. And go about the normal Christmas routine with new confidence, realizing how very much your children are learning!

Until next time, Happy Homeschooling & Merry Christmas,


Meredith Curtis


Meredith Curtis, homeschool mom, writer, speaker, and publisher, loves to encourage families in their homeschooling adventure. She is the author of Travel God’s World Geography, Celebrate Christmas in Colonial America Unit Study, Celebrate Christmas in Germany Unit Study, Celebrate Christmas with Anne of Green Gables Unit Study, and Celebrate Christmas with Cookies Unit Study. You can check out her books, curricula, unit studies, and Bible studies at Read her blogs at and listen to her at Finish Well Podcast.


learn at christmas

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