Welcome Back to Homeschool

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Welcome Back to Homeschool

As you prepare to head back to homeschool, you have some weighty decisions to make . . .

*Which phonics program will be the best to get to get my child on his way to reading well?
*What direction shall we take in our science study this year, and which projects will be most interesting to my children?
*Should we stick to the same math curriculum as last year, or try something different?
*When you search the internet or homeschool catalogs for options, the choices seem infinite, and, frankly, overwhelming as you wonder, “How can I know what is best?”

The Old Schoolhouse® Magazine and the twelve companies below would like to help narrow down the decision-making process for you in this special “Back-to-Homeschool Shopping eBlast.”

Back to Homeschooling!
Spelling AND Grammar AND Latin, O My!

Schola Publications
Are you perplexed with students who read okay, cannot spell well, and hate to write?

In the past 60 years, modern educators have reduced the foundational subjects of spelling, writing, and reading to haphazard guessing, memorizing unrelated wholes, games, workbooks, and the continuing erosion of true core standards.

Because of these faulty foundations, grammar makes little sense and students hate to write. Since most of us have experienced the same declining education and educators continue to embrace defective methods, we are pleased to introduce you to The PHONICS Road to Spelling and Reading, our complete language arts curriculum that SHOWS you how to build your student’s language skills percept upon precept, reasoning from spelling, through handwriting to reading, then building grammar and composition skills, all the way to Latin.

There IS a method to the madness!

Barbara Beers models for you step by step, teaching your students HOW English is built and WHY it is built the way it is, from simple words all the way to high school vocabulary. No more falling for the faulty assumption that English is a language of exceptions and does not make sense. Learn how to teach the truth about English and coordinate the skills of spelling, handwriting, reading, grammar, and composition, culminating in a study of The LATIN Road to English Grammar to fine tune those skills.

Visit our website and don’t forget to like us on Facebook: PhonicsRoad LatinRoad to receive special offers and discounts.

Save BIG at the Homeschool Buyers Co-op!

Homeschool Buyers Co-op

With over 116,000 families, the Homeschool Buyers Co-op is the world’s largest buyers club for homeschoolers, founded and operated by homeschoolers just like you! (Membership is FREE and private.)

Check out just a few of the great deals we have for you!
  •  Brave WriterSave 50%
•  Discovery Education Streaming PlusSave 74%
•  DreamBox LearningSave 67%

•  Explode the Code OnlineSave 46%
•  IXL MathSave 25%
•  Mark Kistler Online Drawing LessonsSave 60%

•  Reading AssistantSave 84%
•  Wordly Wise Online 3000Save 89%

PLUS, in July only:

•   On July 31 ONLY, Get the BEST DEAL ANYWHERE for Alpha Omega products:
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•  Make your own Minecraft Mods with Mod Design 1Save up to 40%

HomeSchool Office
Management Software

Lord Heritage

Don’t let another year go by hoping that things will be different.
Yet, not making the decision to do things differently!

It’s time to bring ORDER to your homeschool!

No two homeschools are alike. As each family is unique in their own way, so must each homeschool operate based on the specific goals and needs of the family. However, staying focused on the ultimate goal, maintaining order throughout the year, and not lagging behind in lessons or reports are the challenges homeschool families share in common.

Changing curriculum? Moving to another state mid-year? Adding a new baby to the family?

HomeSchool Office is designed specifically to offer the flexibility you need, while giving you the foundational tools to continue homeschooling successfully.

The benefits far exceed just helping you take attendance and track grading. It gives you the solid framework to plan out the details of each year, organize the daily co-existence of home and school, communicate expectations to your family, stay on top of lessons, track progress, and have the needed documentation to generate reports.

It not only manages the current year from beginning to end, but from year to year it keeps everything in one place throughout your entire homeschool journey. No longer will you have to worry about having the information to generate reports, verify your activities, or build a college transcript. HomeSchool Office helps you manage it all.

Decide today to bring ORDER to your homeschool at

A Christian Typing Curriculum for your homeschool!

Christian Typing Curriculum

Many students today learn to type through Email and Instant Messaging — but that can easily leave students with loose ends, unprepared to tackle more serious projects such as those lengthy high school and college reports. Make sure your student is trained and ready to do his or her best in today’s technological world! Enter Keyboarding for the Christian School.

The award-winning Elementary Version for grades K-4 teaches touch typing skills, timings, and centering with the help of a cute ladybug, Miss Mabel in an easy-to-read 18 point font. The Revised Edition for grades 5 and up reviews the touch typing skills and centering, and continues through personal and business letters and envelopes, MLA and APA report formatting, enumerations, outlines, memos, proofreader’s marks, and timings. Both are in color and printable pdf files for easy download and portability.

Linda from said, “Elizabeth and I have really been enjoying using the elementary version of this product. The lessons are easy to follow, engaging and bring great results. Elizabeth will say “look mom I’m typing like you”. I had used another popular product to teach Jennifer how to type. But I love that this product uses Bible verses for practice. Ms. Beitel is friendly and a great teacher. Her customer service is personable and prompt.

Visit our website for more information and download today along with lots of free lessons and other resources: 1.800.559.2154 Christian Keyboarding P. O. Box 34183, Fort Worth, Texas 76162

Get back to school and back to learning through literature with Progeny Press!

Progeny Press

Covering reading comprehen – sion, critical analysis, biblical application, literary techniques, and vocabulary, our study guides help take the student deeper than a basic surface comprehension program.

Progeny Press has been innovating the world of literature study since 1992, offering over 107 different titles covering K-12. With adaptability, convenience, and versatility in mind, we offer our study guides in three separate formats: a printed workbook that the student writes his answers in, a CD in PDF format that you can either print off for multiple students or have them type the answers directly in the file, or as an E-Guide download directly off our website,

All of our study guides come complete with a full answer key, which has been upgraded to be removable from the workbook format, a brand-new feature for 2014! With all the curricula and subjects available, literature often takes a back seat. Yet reading, analyzing, and understanding literature can benefit all areas of your education, from writing, to public speaking, to every day encounters with other people. Being able to quickly analyze and understand what is being said, and to formulate a thoughtful response, is invaluable in today’s fast-paced world.

Don’t neglect literature! Let Progeny Press give you the tools you need to improve your studies, and bring a Christian world view to every book. Learn more about our company and our products at

You’ve worked hard to prepare your child for life with a solid, biblical worldview.

Homeschool Psych

And as the parent of a soon-to-graduate homeschooler, there is one college class that should concern you—Psych 101.

You probably took psychology in college. It is one of the first and, possibly the most, worldview challenging classes Christian students navigate in college. Are you sure your student can apply his biblical worldview to the study of God’s grandest creation—the human mind? Give your student the tools to recognize the hidden threats underlying psychology’s theories and schools of thought. Read and teach Homeschool Psych, by Dr. Tim Rice.

Since it was first published in 2008, Homeschool Psych has made it easy for thousands of homeschoolers to deal with psychology. See Debra Brinkman’s review of Homeschool Psych 2nd Edition.

Now students everywhere can join Dr. Rice’s lectures live online. Classes resume September 8, 2014. Space is limited. Get more information and register at

Music Reading Book 1

Music Master Group

with Teacher’s Script
65 pages – print or read
A $11.95 book for $5.00
Downloadable at
•Sample Pages viewable at

•Reading Music on a Grand Staff.
Uses the MusicMaster™ Landmark System         that puts
“ALL COWS EAT GRASS” permanently         out to pasture.

•Keyboard Orientation – Everyone Should Know How a Keyboard is laid out

•Reading Rhythms – Whole, Dotted Half, Half, Quarter and Eighth Notes

•Beginning Conducting

•Introduction to chords and playing from a lead sheet

•Two reviews to verify the student’s progress

•The included, easy-to-use, Teacher’s Guide walks you through each skill and concept in a Step by Step format – almost like a script.

•Also contains a complete check list of the Skills and Concepts that are taught in the book

God made every single person on purpose and for a purpose.

Focus One

No spare parts! EVERY person has greatness in their path… if they choose it. It doesn’t happen just because we want it to and it definitely doesn’t happen by accident.

We believe that God created everyone to be a world changer, to live on mission, and to make a measurable impact on those around them. Yet, many of us settle for comfortable, predictable, and safe. When taking your last breaths, is that the kind of life you want to look back on? A safe one? A “normal” one? Or do you want to live a life of adventure, passion, and purpose… a focused life that honors the greatness of our God? At Focus One, we believe that God is inviting us on a life-long adventure. One that doesn’t sacrifice greatness on the altar of the convenient.

Focus One will help you navigate four specific areas that will determine how you will live this life:

# Spiritual Disciplines
# Healthy Relationships
# Personal Responsibility
# Discovery of Strengths and Purpose

We believe that you’d be hard-pressed to find a faith-based gap year program with more experience and expertise than Focus One. With a proven track record of over two decades and over a thousand alumni, we can say with confidence that a year in Focus One will be one you will never forget.

To apply or for more information, please visit

Belt of Truth Ministries

Belt of Truth Ministries

Hollywood, the music industry, video gaming, advertising and social media are saturating the lives of God’s people. What does the latest science say about the mind-altering effects of 21st century media? And, what is the spiritual agenda in the entertainment industry?

Screen time now exceeds 53 hours per week for kids. 5 million gamers are playing over 40 hours of video games per week (and 19 million are addicted to gaming). In fact, research has now shown media to be “America’s most widespread and serious addiction!”

What can we do to free people from this media madness? How can we return to reality as God designed it?

Scott Ritsema’s Media on the Brain seminar has been the answer to hundreds of thousands of souls. Scott has been featured on TV and radio and at countless live events throughout North America. Having too many speaking invitations is a good problem to have!

So . . . introducing the Virtual Seminar. A FREE, (yes completely FREE!) way for your church or home school group to host a seminar. No catch, no cost, just a proven way to rescue souls from the media trap.

Scott Ritsema will take you through the most credible and balanced, yet alarming and eye-opening, facts about the effects of entertainment media. Be the first in your circle of influence to help families find freedom in Christ from media addiction.

No technical skills needed to host a seminar. Just get the ball rolling, and we’ll do all the work! Inquire today at

School is nearly upon us!

Homeschool in the Woods

Sharpen up those colored pencils and gather up your scissors, tape, and glue as you prepare to make learning history hands-on fun! Got all your resources ready to go? Never fear! At Home School in the Woods, we ignite a love of learning in YOUR child!

Teach the “when” and “where” of history with timelines and mapping, with History Through the Ages timeline figures, Record of Time notebook, Suggested Placement Guide, and Olde World Style Maps!

Break away from traditional boring textbooks and live the lessons through lap books, notebooking, games, activities, recipes, creative writing and more with Time Travelers history studies for American history. Or get your luggage ready for a trip through world history with Project Passport, complete with audio tours of the Middle Ages and Renaissance and Reformation!

Perhaps you just want a lap book? Our Activity-Paks are designed to accompany your existing curriculum, while our Lap-Paks provide reading text and printables to make your lap book mini-study complete! And now we are introducing K-2 Lap-Paks for younger learners, with coloring pages in the text and an audio narrative included on the CD! Learn about Knights of old or Ben Franklin and his many experiments!

Visit Home School in the Woods for these and more, along with samples and pictures of our many history resources so you can try before you buy! While you are there, sign up for our eNews, and collect a brand new free timeline figure in each issue!

Wings To Soar Online Academy

Wings to Soar Online Academy

What parent couldn’t use assistance in identifying skill gaps, choosing curriculum, and creating structure for their student’s education?

Wings to Soar Online Academy creates Custom Learning Plans for pre-K to 12 outside-the-box learning with just the right amount of challenge creating the perfect opportunity for your child to SOAR!

Since a 3-6 year range in academic skills within any child is not uncommon, no wonder a one-size-fits-all approach to learning in a traditional classroom hasn’t worked well!

Students begin with assessments to identify and fill skill gaps in math, reading, spelling, vocabulary, grammar, and writing because we believe it’s important to build a solid academic foundation by starting at the student’s current functional level. Accommodations allow students to work at a “just right” level in each subject area, while Fast ForWord, CogMed, and Orton-Gillingham remediate root causes of learning struggles.

High school Integrated Liberal Studies courses provide over-arching themes to connect and deepen learning and develop critical thinking, communication, technical, and interpersonal skills.

Multiple brain pathways are engaged as students interact with adaptive multi-media programs. Custom Learning Plans tailored to each child’s unique learning needs draw from over 35 quality online curricular programs, hands-on kits, and numerous print resources. We work with the child in the context of the family. Each of your students can enroll in one or more courses that are right for them to provide the best total educational plan for your family, supporting you where most needed. Record-keeping, regular feedback, and parent/student coaching are provided.

Do you have your homeschool planner yet?

TOS Schoolhouse Planner

The Old Schoolhouse® offers digital OR print planners to simplify your home and homeschool for the 2014-2015 school year. Choose the planner that fits your family’s needs.

Select from 5 digital planners that will get you AND your children organized: Schoolhouse Planner, High School Schoolhouse Planner, Intermediate Schoolhouse Planner, Primary Schoolhouse Planner, or Special Learners Schoolhouse Planner.

With the TOS digital planners, you can create customized planners for you and your high school through primary students. Each planner also contains helpful articles. The Schoolhouse Planner provides nearly 800 pages to help you organize every aspect of your home and homeschool. The student planners help your children learn the time management and organization skills they will need to be successful in life. The Special Learners planner will help you and your special needs student track all the appointments, life skills to be learned, IEP, and more!

Prefer a printed planner? Choose the 2014-2015 Hey Mama! Schoolhouse Planner. This planner has over 175 pages that allow you to track up to five children. In addition to all the lists, charts, and calendar pages, you’ll be encouraged by publisher Gena Suarez’s Hey Mama! writings inserted throughout the planner.

Get organized – order your planners today!

Have a great school year
as you keep your children at home where they belong!

Train up a child in the way he should go and when he is old, he will not depart from it. - Proverbs 22:6