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When we talk about health, we typically think of physical health. Are we fit? Do we eat right? Do we get sick very often? If you live any length of time, however, you realize that “health” means so much more than just the physical aspect. It includes mental, emotional, and spiritual health. They are all linked. Those of us here at care about your health. Four of our newest courses focus on that exact topic. Kindergarten Health is a six-week course that teaches kindergarteners about nutrition, sleep, hygiene, and exercise and encourages them to start developing healthy habits that will serve them throughout their lives. Storybook is a series of twelve delightfully illustrated short stories from Vision Video that teach elementary-aged children Christian truths in a gentle and understandable way. Each story has a key teaching point. At the end of the story, the presenter develops the theme and links it to the teaching of Jesus or the Apostle Paul in a relaxed and easy manner. Due to licensing restrictions this course is only available to our North American members.


Older students can gain great insight into God’s Word through the Study of Original Sin by Jonathan Edwards. This advanced class, taught by Dr. Craig Biehl, challenges high school students to dig deeper into Scripture while examining Jonathan Edwards’ classic work The Great Doctrine of Original Sin Defended. Through twenty-four units, Dr. Biehl examines the arguments raised in the book and poses numerous questions and points for discussion. The class concludes with a comprehensive written assignment. Disconnected: Connecting with Teens in the Digital Age is a course from Day of Discovery (part of Our Daily Bread Ministries) that is designed for parents who want to understand their teens who are growing up in this digital age. In this 51-minute video, three of the foremost youth leaders and a psychiatrist get to the heart of teens’ deepest desires: to be loved unconditionally and to be valued. This thought-provoking and engaging presentation offers insights to help you build strong, authentic relationships based on affirmation, encouragement, compassion, and guidance. Even though teens are constantly “plugged in,” they are as disconnected as ever in their real-life relationships. They simply want to know who they are and where they fit in. Disconnected examines the challenges teens face and explores the ways adults can interact during these tumultuous years.


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