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One of the best things about homeschooling is that it affords students the opportunity to be creative. We parents often strive to provide assignments and activities that will allow our children to use their imaginations . . . to their full potential. is no exception. Many of our classes encourage creativity and imagination. Take, for instance, Creative Writing. Carrie Daws has provided twenty-four lessons for middle and high school students to exercise their creativity. She doesn’t stress grammar and punctuation, though she knows they are important. She wants students to concentrate on painting the picture: developing characters and scenes and writing interesting dialogue. Toward the end of her course, she discusses editing, guidelines, and preparing the manuscript so it is fit for publication. Perhaps your student just needs a short burst of writing each day to get those creative juices flowing. Consider Daily Writing with Sharon Watson. Hundreds of daily writing prompts are available for students in all grade levels, even high school. These bite-sized prompts are full of imagination and creativity and will, hopefully, spark the same in your students.


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