The Giving Mother: Happy Mother’s Day to You

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Five Talents Audio

Memo Devo: Memorization as Devotion
You work out physically with an expected result. Why not spiritually? Memo Devo is a radically ancient form of Bible study designed to help you fall more in love with Jesus by building better intimacy with God, a better witness for God, and better protection under God. As He promised.

Name Meaning Gifts by CrossTimber

Free 5×7 Name Meaning Plaque!
As a homeschool family business, we make encouraging, inspiring, personalized name meaning gifts! As a thank you to homeschool moms this Mother’s Day, we want to give YOU a personalized NamePlaque. The first 10 moms to respond receive a framed plaque, the next 200 receive a 5×7 print and the others receive a printable PDF! Pick out your own design at www.Meaning.Name/moms

Building Tomorrow’s Generation

Encouragement for Homeschool Moms by Marcia Washburn
Need a boost of encouragement from a homeschool veteran? Feel like your homeschooling journey is more energy-draining than enthusiastic? Marcia homeschooled five sons for nineteen years and remembers well how long those days could be. Let her lift your spirits with faith-inspiring stories and advice in Encouragement for Homeschool Moms.

Heidi Johnson, Author and Independent Distributor Young Living EO

SuperMom: Natural Healing for Families

Free eBook to arm every Super Mom with an arsenal of natural remedies to help her family quickly overcome 100+ ailments she may encounter. Save money and time while helping your family live better and healthier lives. Cheat sheets help guide the way! Mother’s Day Bonus: Homemade Spa Product recipes!

Carrie Daws and Action Plan Ministries

Crossing Values and Declutter Now! E-Books

Help and relaxation! Declutter Now! tackles eight life areas. Practical and relatable, uncover freedom to serve God with your whole heart. When your work’s done, join Amber in Crossing Values. Avoiding her past, she winters with a loving family and watches for cracks in their façade. Could they be genuine? 

Richer Resources Publications

Product Title(s) Complimentary E-Books from our Greatest Quotes Series of Books

Choose one special eBook of quotations (ten titles to choose from). Each of these books contains 2500 years of man’s greatest wisdom on each subject, passed on in that same tradition of humanity that others may share in that wisdom and enjoyment.


Joy of a Boy eBook

This little eBook will bring a smile to the face of every mother of boys and give some stories and poems to read aloud to them. Old Timey pictures accompany old writings reborn from the late 1890s through the early 1900s. A tiny treasure for moms who are raising the next generation’s men for the Lord. 

Homestead Originals

Proverbs 31 Poster
Lovely printable celebrating mamas everywhere, in the spirit of Proverbs 31. Print off on cardstock; put into a frame for a lovely gift, hang on the fridge, or use as a computer background! A gift from Homestead Originals. Stop by our homestead and visit for preparedness skills, homekeeping inspiration, and general “slice of life” from our funny farm!

Homeschool Legacy

Birds of a Feather
Spring has sprung and it’s Mother’s Day for the birds too! What better way to celebrate your chicks than to gather them together for a Once-a-Week Unit Study that brings you face-to-face with some of God’s most beautiful creatures?

Faithful Workouts

30-minute workout and menu plan
Being a mom is one of the most important jobs that God has given you. To take care of all that you do, it takes physical and spiritual strength. We pray this gift helps you to make healthy, lasting changes! You’ll receive a 30-minute total body workout and weekly menu plan.
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Train up a child in the way he should go and when he is old, he will not depart from it. - Proverbs 22:6