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summer checklist


It’s almost time to start a new school year for those of us who begin at the end of summer. Our new school year begins in July, and I thought I’d share a few things that we do to prepare for the upcoming academic year. The list below is in no particular order and can be started at any time. I chose to do these in the last month of our school year, so I could enjoy an actual break during the summer.

  • Organize homeschool curriculum: Use the time that you have off to read through teacher’s manuals to ensure that the program will work for your home. You might even want to prepare a few assignments for the upcoming school year in advance. Having a flexible outline of your first month’s lessons will keep things orderly and it can easily be adjusted as needed.
  • Create a calendar: Include your family activities, co-op days, sports practices and games, church activities, etc. This can be something that you create in a planner and it is also helpful to have a version available for all the family to see.
  • Declutter: Go through everything at least once a year and give away or sell things that you are not going to use.
  • Plan field trips: You might not be able to narrow the specific dates down, but it is helpful to create a list of places that you would like to visit during the school year. Keep this in a folder, planner, or binder that you can refer to often whenever you are scheduling a field trip. Don’t forget that virtual field trips are available and are offered by many popular museums, aquariums, and other places around the world.
  • Sign up for Rewards Programs: Check websites and mark your calendar for application deadlines for programs so your children don’t miss out on these opportunities. I always set a reminder in my phone calendar, as most of these deadlines pop up as or shortly after the summer ends.

I decided to check with our oldest son to see what tips he had to begin a successful school year. These are what he wanted to share with his peers.

  • Create a reading list: I thought this was a great idea because reading is important for everyone in the family. Having a list also gives you a heads up on reserving books at the library.
  • Give away things from your room that you no longer use: This definitely pairs well with decluttering and is a great opportunity to pass things down to younger siblings, family members, or neighborhood children. We donated several school items to our church homeschool co-op.
  • Talk with your parents about your school education: This is a grand idea because these conversations gauge how your child is enjoying the curriculum, if any changes should be made, and gives insight in tailoring the lessons to their interests.

I truly hope that these tips from our household are helpful to your homeschool experience. Let’s raise our pencils and say, “Cheers to another successful year!” Happy homeschooling!


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