Starting a Family Integrated Co-op? ROKU Homeschooling Network Weekly Update!

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This week on “The Homeschooling Network” Television Channel on ROKU!

We recently started a co-op in our neighborhood! We are starting in faith in a one room facility.  Because we have all ages we have to be creative, which makes things fun. 
This week on the ROKU Homeschooling Network we are studying a the phases of the moon in a super fun way!
Susan Evans of Hands-On Learning broadcasts a wonderful video the phases of the moon using simple paper plates and oreos! Checkout her site for great resources!
Thanks to our great channel, we have more than enough hands-on ideas to impress our ages. This week we will do the Moon Study with paper plates we just began broadcasting on the channel. Little ones with like this, and older kids can dig in deeper.
The Scriptures In the Book of Numbers, God speaks of the celebration of the new moon to Moses:

“And on your joyous occasions – your fixed festivals and new moon days – you shall sound the trumpets over your burnt offerings and your sacrifices of well-being.” (10:10)

We can learn about Rosh Chodesh, the new moon, while at the same time making a hands-on craft for all!

Use crayons to draw the phases of the moon. Black is great for the dark parts of the moon, leave the other parts white!

Here the phases in a pretty moon chart:

Tape it to black poster board to show off.

Do this at home or with your new group co-op or support group of your own!

Cheap, fun, and informative! And being family integrated means lots of extra parent family hands to help!

Have fun and watch the channel to see the craft step by step!

Would you like to see step by step how to make a model of Lot’s wife as well?

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