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Hello and welcome to Spanish for You! My name is Debbie Annett, and I created the Spanish for You! curriculum while teaching at my homeschool co-op. It now provides a way for anyone to implement an effective elementary or middle school Spanish program at home or in the classroom easily and affordably. Spanish for You! is a theme-based curriculum that engages students through a variety of easily taught activities and techniques, AND saves parents and teachers time and money by using streamlined lessons with inexpensive materials. Everything comes directly from me, the teacher, to you. I take what I have done with my students and format it for others to use. Everything is step-by-step so there is never any question about what you need to do. Since everything comes directly from me to you, the curriculum is super affordable. The curriculum graphics are even kept simple and inexpensive. They are hand drawn by a kid and appear in black and white to keep costs down. Kids love the illustrations and often like to color them. I was inspired to create this curriculum because I had several needs that other Spanish curriculums did not easily or entirely address. They were:

• easy flow into any high school curriculum
• flexibility to fit limited schedules
• affordability
• flexibility grouping different aged students together
• streamlined lessons to allow teaching different ages the same material
during the same school year.
• ability to place new and experienced students of the same age/grade
together at the beginning of a school year.
• audio of entire textbook so students and parents can hear everything!

Spanish for You! addresses all these needs. I have used the curriculum for 8 years now and am having great results! It is a product of many years of practical and educational experience.


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