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When much of our homeschooling happens through materials that arrive in a box, isn’t great to know some of it can happen outside of the box? Homesteading with Lisa Barthuly is one of those classes. Designed with parents in mind, older students can begin to learn about homesteading through careful supervision. There are currently twenty lessons that include water bath canning, making natural cleaners, herbs and essential oils, preparing for gardening, making food from scratch, using onions, and being prepared. Future lessons will include topics such as laundry, candle dipping, making dairy foods, and basic projects. Another exciting “outside of the box” resource on is Computer/Technology Lessons with Andy Harris. Learn how to program using Hackety Hack and how to explore geography with Google Earth. These are two very interesting and unconventional methods for integrating computer technology into your homeschool and are worth the read!


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