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For many years I have been a mother of boys. Although I desired to have a daughter, I was blessed with boys. I have become a pro at playing hot wheels and mending ripped jeans. I can even out shoot them at basketball, although that may change after a couple more growth spurts.

Despite all I do with and for my boys, at the end of the day it’s dad they look to model. I have seen them follow him around and imitate his behavior. As they get older, it’s more obvious that they watch how he leads our family, how he lives his faith, and how they take note of his overall approach to life.

Father Son

A few years ago I was blessed with a daughter, and now I find myself surprised to see her modeling me. For years I have watched the boys take great care to walk in their fathers footsteps, so I’m not sure why I’m so surprised when I notice my daughter imitating me. Her little eyes watch for how I approach each day, live my faith, and how I act as a wife and mother. I find myself feeling terribly inadequate to be a role model.

Recently my daughter was helping me pick up books after a busy morning of homeschooling lessons. Picking up a teacher book, she held it close and told me she really enjoyed our studies from it. She went on to ask, “When I’m a mommy, will you let me borrow this book to homeschool my kids?”

I was startled by my daughters assumption that she would be a homeschooling mom. I wasn’t homeschooled, so have no life experience to reflect back on. Often I feel unqualified, like I’m figuring things out as I go along. Despite my feelings of inadequacy, my daughter is watching. She sees when I do things well, and when I fall short. I struggle with her desire to be like me.


Many times I have examined my efforts, and resolved to do better. I have set goals and attempted to model perfection. In all my efforts I have always fallen short.

Therefore we make it our aim, whether present or absent, to be well pleasing to Him.

2 Corinthians 5:9 NKGV

When I change my goal from trying to be a perfect mother, to instead aiming to please God, my daughter will benefit. I must regularly examine myself before God, to see if I measure up to the standards He has for me.

I will never be perfect. If I set my aim on pleasing God, my daughter will see that my focus is on the right goal. In everything I do, I must put Him first! That is the example I pray I am able to model, and that she will take great care to follow.

Like myself, my daughter will never be perfect in her own efforts. I want her to desire to please God. As she continues to watch me, she will see our favorite books set carefully aside. One day she may be a homeschooling mom, and she just might need them.

Teresa Brouillette is a wife and busy homeschooling mom, living for Jesus. With a love for writing, she shares the adventures and lessons of her family and homeschool at

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