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This week I saw a fairy tale! No, I did not break into my daughter’s Disney selections. I watched my very own Homeschooling Channel on ROKU! Let me tell you of fairy tales come true!

We are blessed to have been given permission to share some of the videos from the wonderful Homeschool Resource “The Digital Tutor.” I encourage you to look into their great resources by CLICKING HERE!

There latest video we broadcast on “The Homeschooling Network” is entitled “The Ten Steps of Biblical Betrothal and Marriage.” In this charming video we see real life courting couples become betrothed Biblically and have beautiful tear inspiring weddings.

What stood out to me was the moving tradition they had of sharing 50 silver shekels as a token of their love for their future wife! It spoke of Messiah Jesus’ love for His bride, when He paid it all for us on the cross.


The families had sought together the perfect godly mate for their loved ones. The future bride and groom got to know each in the safety of family settings.

The look of love in their eyes for each other seemed so pure and wholesome it made me desire that purity of love even more for my own children. My young children watched the show with me sharing their feelings openly and honestly.

I encourage you to watch the video today with your family to be inspired to a true life fairy tale tomorrow!

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