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Have you ever had a great teacher? Perhaps it was a favorite pastor, college professor, or even that second grade teacher you could never forget? What was it that made them “great” in your eyes? For me, a great teacher was one that believed in me and one that took complicated information and broke them into understandable bite size bits that felt easy going down! Welcome to this week in ROKU Homeschooling with “The Homeschooling Network!”
Each week we explore the exciting things we can learn with our families on ROKU!


This week we are exploring Classical Education and the study of Old Western Culture ROKU style!


First a confession, I am a person that jokingly boasts of my own “lack of culture.” I have never enjoyed museums except for the television history museum where I could watch old “I Love Lucy” Episodes for hours. I also worked at the “Gone With The Wind Museum” but I am not sure it that counts as high brow.:)


So, when I was sent videos on Classical Education with its study of composers, poetry, Greek History from and more “Romans Road Media” for our network I was excited, but a little nervous.


Would the topics be way over my head? Over my children’s heads? The truthful answer is both a yes and a no! Yes, the topics are challenging but that is what makes its study so rewarding! The courses are taught by Master Professors that obviously LOVE their subject matter and can explain it to you in a highly interesting way! In “Samuel Adams Returns” we are introduced to the real Samuel Adams! Okay, not the actual one, but an awesome reenactor that meets with the youth of today to discuss history and our current state of affairs in this country. What a fun way to learn history firsthand! And ladies and gentlemen I am not sure we are quite holding to the Founders original vision, but I digress . . ..


We even learned about the “Iliad” this week! The professor instructed us to try reading the book aloud. I love that! Reading aloud has always helped me understand what I am reading and feel like I am being transported to another time and place! I will have you know I can be very dramatic at times! I bet your kids will be too!


Have you been intimidated by classical education like I have been? Why not try a portion of a course or two with us on “The Homeschooling Network?” The program we watched, by “Roman Roads Media,” has introduced us to a rich history and culture we have never known!


It is such a pleasure to listen to those great instructors that are passionate about their topics.
Perhaps it is my ADHD, but I cannot listen to instructors that are going through the motions! I need passion and so do my children to get them FIRED UP about a subject that might first feel foreign to them!


Simply “add” the channel, “The Homeschooling Network” in the “Kids & Family” department of the ROKU Channel Store to have access to all sorts of video learning and homeschool inspiration! Our family simply clicks “play” and we can learn classical education from a Christian perspective in bite size appetizing chunks!

You know, now that I am feeling a little bit wiser perhaps I WILL visit that local museum in town . . . that is after I listen to Handel’s Messiah performance on the network first!


evonne mandellaEvonne Mandella is a homeschooling mother and the Creator of the Homeschooling Network on ROKU. She is a Schoolhouse Teacher of Video Creation with the Old Schoolhouse Magazine ®. Checkout the new Homeschooling Network on ROKU and visit or email

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