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Welcome to my new blog on all things homeschool and ROKU! ROKU is the amazing little device that transports you to a world of imagination! More concretely, ROKU is an inexpensive little device that plugs into your tv and allows you to watch over 1,500 channels of fun! What our family really likes about ROKU is that unlike cable, you can choose which channels to add! We have added lots of Biblically based channels and some channels with classic tv shows! Best of all, we have even created our own channel that we call “The Homeschooling Network!” Just look for our cute apple logo in the “Kids & Family” section of the ROKU Channel Store to add the fun too!


We use our channel to supplement our homeschool day! I am so excited about the eclectic mix of videos we have! This week we did a study on gossip! Ooh! A much needed study, I am sure! We watched a video called “Leopard Seeds” by B’nai Torah Ministries.  The lesson was told through lively puppets who retell instances in the Bible where people contracted the dreaded leprosy disease. From what I understand, the leprosy of today is quite different than the one in Bible Times. Remember how Miriam contracted leprosy? She had been gossiping about Moses and against the Lord. Apparently God takes gossip very seriously!


Did you know that telling gossip is bad, but listening to gossip can be even worse, the movie told us! How else would the bad news be shared unless one would listen with open ears!  What if you just want to vent, the story asked? We have all wanted to vent at one time or another! Tell it to the Lord, not to another person.  I think He will change your heart from complaint to praise in no time!


There is one exception to the rule. If by sharing some unattractive fact about a person, we can save a life, we should do it! Now, the way my mind works, I might come up with some pretty creative ways to share a tidbit in order to “save a life.” So here is a heart to heart warning. Remember our human nature is to make excuses for sin, so be sure you are not sharing something just truly for the sake of sharing something juicy!


The video had a point that really stuck with me. It asked the question, why do we gossip? Really, what is the point of dragging someone else down? Isn’t there already enough negativity in the world and aren’t we to be a light? The video puppets shared with our family that the answer had to do with ungratefulness.  When a person is ungrateful for how God made them, they lash out at others in the form of gossip. They are not thankful to God for all the blessings He has given them. Hence, they get jealous and insecure and gossip temporarily seems to make you feel better.

gossip puppets

The good news is there is a cure for gossip that my family or yours can swallow with no harmful side effects!  This week purposefully be thankful for how Adonai made you! You are fearfully and wonderfully made! He is working His plan in your family’s live in homeschool, faith and much more! Praise Him! He is working His wonders in YOU!

Join us each week as we study something new from the ROKU Homeschooling Network!

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