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homeschool rhythms


Do you find yourself stressing every day over keeping homeschool routines? Perhaps you’re new to homeschooling, and you’re not sure if you’re “doing it right.” Maybe the thought of keeping routines is preventing you from beginning your homeschool journey. While practicing certain routines in your homeschool can help cultivate learning, it can also leave you feeling guilty if you can’t stick with them. Resting in homeschool rhythms over routines helps you embrace your unique homeschool and cultivate a joyful atmosphere. 


Rhythms Embrace Rest

Our family lives off the coast of the Gulf of Mexico. When we drive to the beach, I always notice one thing regardless of the other distractions around me. I notice the rhythm of the waves. Quite similar to our own breathing patterns, the waves move in and out, up and down, creating a natural synchronization.

Rhythms are the natural ebb and flow of your normal day. How do your days naturally flow? Perhaps your daily rhythms include something like breakfast, morning time, math, chores, lunch, read aloud, etc.

What daily rhythms do you already practice in your home? If you have certain routines that you practice in your life, you know this is helpful! You can carry the same idea over to your homeschool days. The key here is that rhythms should not dictate your day.  While routines can make us slave to a schedule, rhythms cultivate rest and then embrace that rest. They promote peace if the schedule falls apart.


More Joyful Atmosphere

Resting in rhythms produces peace and calmness for your learning atmosphere. Embracing the flow of your days allows things to run more smoothly. Embracing this mentally gives you the freedom to make changes in different seasons of life.

Let me say that embracing rhythms over routines will not necessarily save your home from chaotic days. However, they will help make the chaos more manageable.


Is Resting This Way Possible?

First, remember that rest is a mentality, a way you live. Your rhythms will look differently from other families. Also, they may vary from season to season. They are unique to your homeschool life, and it’s a beautiful thing.

  • Determine your current season of life and remember the frame of each child.
  • Set aside some time to assess the rhythms you want to keep (or create).
  • Present these rhythms in a beautiful way knowing that you have the freedom to alter them any time.
  • Lead by example and model them yourself.

These are just a few ways to get you started on framing the unique flow of your home.


Look to the Ultimate Example of Rest

When I think of rest, I think of how Jesus led life on earth. Crowds of people would gather for hours and just sit and soak in His teachings. Yes, His days were FULL. We can relate to that. He feasted with sinners, healed the sick, fed miracle lunches, and rose friends from the dead. But you know what I noticed? Scripture never mentions that Jesus rushed or stressed out. In the book of Matthew, Jesus says, “Take my yoke upon you and learn from me, for I am gentle and lowly of heart, and you will find rest for your souls.” (Matthew 11:29 ESV) 

Let’s cultivate restful rhythms in our homeschool so that our hearts and lives are more receptive to learning.

Resting this way will not magically make your “bad” days disappear. Pray for peace and calmness in your homeschool. When you have an “off day,” start again the next day and practice intention.



Danielle is a former classroom teacher turned “work-from-home” and homeschooling mother of two. She now spends her days teaching her children, reading numerous books, and sharing her gifts with others. She blogs about her adventures at


homeschool rhythms

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