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Even in winter, The Old Schoolhouse® Magazine is a hot spot to be. Dig yourself out of the winter doldrums, and reenergize your home with more than 30 articles designed to take the chill out of winter. Buy your copy today!

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Even in the dead of winter, The Old Schoolhouse® Magazine is a hot spot to be. The Winter issue of TOS is packed with articles that will warm your heart and encourage your soul.

Along with our regular features, our 200-page Winter issue contains entertaining and informative articles covering preschool, classical education, foreign language, handwriting, writing, and technology and education. Dig yourself out of the winter doldrums, clean and organize with Molly, and reenergize your home and homeschool with more than 30 articles designed to take the chill out of winter.

Find fun and constructive ideas for your little ones as you walk with seven godly moms who share the joys and challenges of homeschooling preschoolers. Get messy with frugal craft recipes. Boost your child’s language development with two easy activities. Discover the importance of prayer and taking care of yourself.

Explore ways to equip your eager—and not-so-eager—writing students with Susan Wise Bauer. Discover Amelia Harper’s seven practically painless ways to encourage your children’s writing. Learn how to write great fiction with Susan Spann. Take a crash course on plagiarism with Lee Ann Dickerson. Sharpen your children’s grammatical skills, and use Marlene Caroselli’s article for your next grammar lesson.

Read about homeschooling in Albania. Examine the role that homeschooling played in the lives of the von Trapp children and still plays even today in the lives of Georg and Maria’s great-grandchildren.

Carl Wieland discusses the origins of language. Articles by Renee Walker, Amelia Harper, Amy Barr, and Karen Haid will help you choose a language (modern or classical) to study and find the best teaching method for your students. Don’t allow the “it’s all Greek to me” aura that hovers over learning a foreign language to deter you or your students from embracing language study.
Should your children be learning from the bottom up? Discover how a classical educationprovides a foundation for learning and gives students the tools to explore and understand anything they encounter! Examine how seven families adapt this flexible method for their children.

Start early and enhance writing skills from infancy (no paper or crayons required). Use tips from Nan Jay Barchowsky to make handwriting more of a delight for your children.

Discover how technology will affect education in the future and how you can tame the computer monster as Paulie Suarez, Kim Komando, and Deborah Wuehler share their ideas about the digital age and education. Learn why Deborah believes parents need computer time limits too!

The Old Schoolhouse® Magazine isn’t only about academics—it’s also about life at home and beyond.

Don’t miss the introduction of our new column, Lunchroom, designed to make meal preparation easy. Simplify menu planning and try the easy 30-minute meal in our debut column.

Turn to the helpful articles in this issue if you’re suffering from the after-holiday blues. Discover simple, practical advice that will help you conquer the winter slump. Ponder the shortness of life and the steadfastness of God with Sara Shull. Learn how homeschooling moms need to lean on one another for comfort and support.

Join Molly Green as she shares tips for not only making winter days fly by, but also accomplishing deep cleaning and organizing. Learn how to inventory and organize your supplies to avoid Molly’s problem: a lifetime supply of sticky notes. Before you get busy counting pencils, throw the ingredients for Queen Molly’s Chili recipe in the slow cooker to enjoy a hot meal when your work is done.

Follow Christopher Vasquez, luthier and homeschooling father of nine, as he takes a portion of a tree and cuts, bends, and carves it by hand to make a violin.

Discover some fun facts about snow, whip up a batch of snow ice cream, and then draw a simple sledding scene.

Glimpse the excitement from the 2010 Creation Ministry International Conference. Take advantage of our Freebie Directory, reviews, contests, and more! Receive support, mentorship, and direction.

Come in out of the cold and turn up the heat with the winter issue of The Old Schoolhouse® Magazine!

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