Winter 2008/2009 Back Issue


This issue’s highlights include teaching grammar and math, and an introduction to Molly Green! Plus, Deborah Wuehler is contributing part two of one of her most popular articles, “Homeschooling the Rebel”! You’re in for a blessing!



Don’t miss the winter 2008/2009 issue!

Packed with fabulous articles and resources, the winter 2008/2009 issue will encourage and equip you to homeschool with excellence. This issue’s highlights include the classical approach to education, teaching grammar and math, homeschool convention information, another fabulous freebie directory, and an introduction to our money-saving friend, Molly Green! Plus, Deborah Wuehler is contributing part two of one of her all-time most popular articles, “Homeschooling the Rebel”! You’re in for a blessing!

  • Classical education can be elaborate and intimidating, but it doesn’t have to be. Learn how Andrea Newitt, homeschooling mom of three, approaches this style of teaching and learning.
  • Ruth Beechick exposes the “preposition ending myth.” Get freed up!
  • How should your homeschool support group raise money for special projects? Carol Topp gives some do’s and don’ts about fund-raisers that can fly or flop.
  • One might be inclined to say “why bother?” to astronomy. Jay Ryan explains that astronomy is the most ancient science, that the sky was studied for millennia prior to the invention of the telescope, and that this is a subject area that needs to be pursued diligently and enthusiastically.
  • Why is homeschooling gaining momentum in Israel, even though their compulsory education law requires families to send their children to school? How has a lack of homeschooling resources influenced the homeschooling choices made by Israeli families? How is the choice to home educate motivating parents to change their lifestyles and make sacrifices as they establish new priorities for their families? Terri Johnson answers these questions in this excellent article about life among God’s chosen people.
  • If your child is struggling with math, what should you do—keep pressing forward or take a break? Carlita Boyles shares her answers with Marybeth Whalen in this encouraging presentation about a unique way to teach math to your homeschoolers.
  • Anne-Marie Laliberte-Denis introduces us to the four forms of sequential memory that dominate the mathematical thinking process of students and gives us some strategies to apply them too!
  • You can’t just tell your children that evolution is not true and leave it at that. This does not prepare them for today’s world, where most people practically worship science as being the best source of truth. Ruth Beechick explains.
  • If God is a God of order rather than chaos, why then would irrational numbers, non-ending, non-repeating decimals, exist to imply the latter? Chris Howard tackles this question in his article “Mathematics, Order, Harmony, and Faith”.
  • Do your students suffer from “math anxiety”? Jason Gibson, a homeschooling father, offers solutions to help you break down unwanted barriers.
  • Maggie Hogan has been involved with homeschool conventions as a mom, a speaker, an organizer, and a vendor. Don’t miss this gold mine of wise advice!
  • As the bicentennial of Abraham Lincoln’s birth rolls around, Rea Berg introduces us to the best books written about our most beloved president. Which has the best illustrations? Which would make a good read-aloud? Which book masterfully summarizes the cultural, political, and spiritual forces that helped shape him?
  • What is light? What is color? What is “thermal imaging”? Find out in this fascinating article by John Grunder.
  •  Enjoy the beautiful description of a wintry day in “The First Snow”, written by Chloe Collin.

This is just a sample of the wonderful articles waiting for you.


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