Winter 2003-2004 Back Issue


SOLD OUT! It is time for our Classical Issue—Meet the Bluedorns, read about Veritas Press and ClassicalFree Academy. Articles include: Diana Waring, Ken Ham, & our Special Feature: ? Plus, learn how to live on one income!




Our Classical Issue!

Once again, it is time for our Classical Issue—Meet the Bluedorns and read about Veritas Press and ClassicalFree Academy. In this issue, we also share with you the winners of the Excellence in Education Awards. There are over 150 pages of great information on history, science, unit studies, art, literature, and so much more! Learn how to get organized, live on one income and make time for a tea party!

  • Classically Christian: meet the Bluedorns!
  • Read “The ‘Truth’ About Veritas: A Look at Classical Education” in Styles.
  • Christine Field introduces us to ClassicalFree Academy.
  • Homeschool Valedictoria—Amber Fisher shares “What God May Have in Store.”
  • Finishing the Race—Dr. Ruth Beechick, Cindy Rushton, and several TOS readers answer questions about High School Homeschooling.
  • “What Does God Have to Do with Education, Anyway?” Michelle Hastings tells us all about it in Chapel.
  • “Media Spotlight” debuts—Let the research begin . . . What are the “Lessons We Learned from CBS?”
  • Homeschool Finance with Jonni McCoy—Living Debt-Free, part I.
  • What is “The Blessing of Living on One Income?” Get the answer in The Good News in Homeschooling.
  • “Do chickens eat cookies?”—Gena Suarez reflects on the early days of homeschooling in Kindergarten Korner.
  • Special Feature: Meet Roy Rogers and the gang!
  • What is “The Importance of Being Fat?” Read Jenefer Igarashi’s editorial to find out!
  • TOS presents the 2003 Excellence in Education Award winners!
  • Paul Suarez interviews John MacArthur “On What’s Important” in the Assembly Hall.
  • Homeschooling 101—TOS visits with Janice VanCleave as she talks about “Science for Every Kid AND Every Mom!”; M.F. Edwards discusses “The Making of an Independent Christian Film.”
  • Read about homeschooling in Germany in “Committed to their Cause.”
  • We are “Alone, Yet Not Abandoned” . . . read more in Never Alone.
  • Kym Wright interviews the publisher of God’s World News, Joel Belz, in Homeschool Nation.
  • Two more great stories from our Young Patriots as they explain “The First Great Awakening,” Congressional Awards, and National Honor Societies.
  • Top Hats and Parasols talks about Character Development and Practical Application in the novel Pride and Prejudice.
  • Ken Ham discusses “What Really Happened to the Dinosaurs?” in Creation Answers.
  • Kym Wright takes us to the Library in Units with Kym.
  • In HisStory, Diana Waring introduces us to Blaise Pascal—Mathematician Extraordinaire.
  • Read about ” ‘Blaise-ing’ New Trails” in geography and math.
  • We study Jacques-Louis David and Edgar Degas in the TOS Art Studio with Barry Stebbing.
  • Re-examine the role of art in the homeschool curriculum with Marcia Osterink.
  • Diane Wheeler’s guest, Vicki Caruana, in Home Ec tells us it’s “Time to Get Organized!”
  • Join Christine Field in the Special Needs “Resource Room” as she talks about “Strategies for Struggling Learners, part II—What About Testing?”
  • Make time for a tea party with Shannon Swanson in Field Trip



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