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WannaBe™-When I Grow Up I Want to be an Artist


For those who love to draw, paint, or for those living and working with an “artists frame of mind” the world is indeed their classroom TOS is excited for children as they enjoy this creative WannaBe Series title.


Classrooms of every kind actively teach students, but what if the world were your classroom?

For those who love to draw, paint, or mold clay into masterful works of art for those living and working with an artists frame of mind”the world is indeed their classroom!

The Old Schoolhouse® is excited for children as they enjoy this creative WannaBe Series title:

When I Grow Up, I Want to Be . . . an Artist

Children of all ages and stages enjoy some level of art. Whether improving the sensory awareness of children with special needs, enhancing a history study, working on a science fair project, or providing a calming time of quiet in the midst of a busy day of play art is found throughout learning.

The WannaBe Series provides excellent activities for children as they investigate the seemingly endless possibilities for careers. Designed for children from 4 to 10 years old, the entire eBook is appropriate for the whole family and provides enhancement opportunity for older children with extensive resource material. Instantly downloadable after purchase, you can fall in love with it now and be enjoying it with your children within the hour!

Meet Kim Sponaugle, a children’s book illustrator, and follow her story from loving to draw and sketch as a child through artistic encouragement from her parents, to following a dream in the field of nursing, only to re-evaluate her talents and pursue a career in art. Even then it took years to eventually settle into her career as an illustrator.

  • Learn three things necessary for reaching goals. One is diligence; what are the others?
  • Gain an understanding of terms like manuscript, publisher, and author, and read through a typical day in the life of an illustrator. What does she do before she begins to sketch?
  • Understand a contract and what details it will include for an illustrator. How does a contract help the business aspect of illustration?
  • Kim will also explain art medium, rendering illustrations on a board vs. using a computer, and the benefits of working from home. What is her goal as a Christian artist?
  • Also learn how to become an artist as she discusses research and imagination wonderful, God-given imagination! Can art show God’s truth?

Kevin Scott Collier is both a commercial artist and a children’s book illustrator. As the art director of a newspaper, he oversees all the art media for the paper. Over 30 years he has drawn five different comic strips. He encourages your children to keep working at drawing if it is something they enjoy, because you never know how God may use those skills! He and his son even worked together on KICKS (Kids in Christ the King’s Service) Club on cable television. Hear about his not-so-typical work days as a children’s book illustrator, and learn what is most important to him when illustrating.

Imagine being a graphic designer, an artist who creates all artwork on the computer! Hear from TOS’s senior graphic designer, Christi Gifford, as she educates your family in the finer points of computer-based artwork. Learn about the many different advertisements using graphic design, from printed advertisements, book covers, and magazines to web-based advertising banners and buttons, E-Books, blogs, and more. She’ll tell you what she does as a graphic designer and how she uses research to improve her skills.

You’ll also learn what tools should be placed into a basic art kit, as well as tips for their use. And enjoy the great pages the WannaBe Series is appreciated for!

  • How much does an artist get paid marked on a U.S. map. Complete a bar graph.
  • Take the “I Want to Be an Artist Quiz.” Define portfolio, list some benefits of drawing what you see, recall how a graphic designer creates art, and more.
  • Pick up a pencil for creative writing activities; choose from five or do them all.
  • Learn how science and art disciplines blend, print out a color wheel worksheet, and research a scientist-turned-artist!
  • Be surprised by robotic art and learn more about art media some are not “typical” materials!
  • Check out how art and nature are connected throughout history, and excite your children as they begin their own nature journals.
  • Complete Artist Math activities using tangrams, word problems, charts, and more!
  • Enjoy pages of vocabulary words, a fill-in-the-blank story, Scripture memory, word search, crossword puzzle, and copywork and handwriting pages in print and cursive, as well as coloring fun.

What if painting is your child’s interest? What if it’s yours? Meet Kim Hinnant and marvel at her later-in-life painting career she didn’t begin until she was 38 years old! Your child just might want to take up the very special additional touch she adds to her paintings when she signs and dates them as well as her heart’s desire to glorify God in all that she does!

Is there a better way to celebrate learning than with a themed celebration?
How about a themed celebration that includes:

  • A decorated notebook of the items from the study and a trip to an art museum or gallery.
  • Station after station of art activities for your guests to enjoy creative expression!
  • A gallery of art by your guests with display cards listing name, creation date, and more.
  • Creative group portraits that will bring plenty of laughs and togetherness.
  • Even clay sculptures, mosaics, and spin art are included with instructions.
  • Games galore to expand creativity in all guests from a rainbow relay to human sculpting, party goers of all ages will have a great time as they learn about art.
  • A paint palette cake will be a hit, as will colorful sandwich bread and food sculptures!


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