Summer, 2017 PRINT – Sold Out!


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Sold Out!

**Read the digital version for FREE @

Strengthen your homeschool efforts and fill in those curriculum gaps for the coming school year! In this summer issue you will find methods of homeschooling explained, and even hear from many governors who support homeschooling. We have interviewed Rush Limbaugh and his wife about their new history curriculum, and we also show you what school choice week looks like. Protecting your children from pornography is an important topic covered here. As for the academic subjects, math is made easy using picture books and lapbooks. For science, we cover aliens and eclipses! And, language arts covers spelling (using a simple tissue box!) and literature. This issue also covers history and the pros and cons of the college option. Ever thought about opening a resource center in your community? How to open your own homeschool resource center is here!

 Homeschooling the preschooler, navigating CLEP tests, and product/company spotlights are also included. Each issue highlights reviews of

homeschool products conducted by our review crew. These are so helpful in filling those curriculum spots we are looking to fill for the next school year. You’ll also hear how one dad uses everyday moments as spiritual object lessons for his kids! For your special needs children, we cover why it is hard to learn, and how you can help your struggling learners. And, in case you have forgotten, or just need a refueling, this issue also covers making the

commitment to homeschooling and why you should start and keep that commitment. From preschool to college, it’s all here! This is a great “Back to School” issue, and one that new and veteran homeschoolers alike will consider valuable.


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