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Would “grueling” be a word you would use to describe your homeschool year? Find motivation in this issue of TOS. Read articles written by other homeschool parents who understand what it’s like to feel run down and worn out.

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Do you need to re-energize and restore your spirit? 

Would “grueling” be a word you would use to describe your homeschool year? Do you want a jump-start for your homeschool?

Find motivation and inspiration in the Summer issue of The Old Schoolhouse® Magazine. Read articles written by other homeschool parents who understand what it’s like to feel run down and worn out.

Travel down memory lane as Deborah Wuehler shares how God’s grace and a parent’s prayers kept her from moral destruction in school. Be convinced as she explains the reasons why a home education is the best education.

Discover ways to revitalize your homeschool with the Charlotte Mason educational style—for fun summer learning or a new approach for the school year.

  • Romp with the Reynolds boys through a summer of fun nature studies—all with very little planning on Mom’s part.
  • Identify the differences between living books and schoolbooks. Explore ways to use living books to stir your child’s imagination, touch feelings, and educate her mind.
  • Mine some of the fabulous treasures of classic and historic works with suggestions for reading from Rea Berg.
  • Move from a traditional schooling approach to a relaxed mindset with advice from Dr. Mary Hood.
  • Draw upon the experience Catherine Levison has gained through thirty-two years of parenting and decades of homeschooling to deal with the struggles you face as a homeschool parent.

Worried about your child’s development? Wondering what else you can do to educate your special needs child? From right-brain dominance and dyslexia to developmental delays and autism, the Summer issue will provide hope and guidance.

  • Uncover strategies to help your right-brain child become successful with his studies—strategies that are easy, fun, and inexpensive.
  • Learn how to find help for your dyslexic child. You’ll learn the signs of dyslexia and how to diagnose the problem quickly to avoid unnecessary struggles for you and your child.
  • Find out how one mom went from an initial response of denial, anger, and weeping (when her daughter was diagnosed with severe learning disabilities) to determination and, ultimately, triumph!
  • Blend prayer and intervention to help your child reach her potential.
  • Walk through the steps you should take to help your child deal with handicaps and discover his unique skills.

Is America in the grip of a civil war? David Kupelian, editor of Whistleblower magazine, reveals reasons he believes America is fighting a civil war. Find out what you can do to help your children carry the torch of freedom.

Enjoy articles that share nearly everything you ever wanted to know about horses . . . plus how to reduce the costs of owning a horse.

  • Dr. Carl Wieland explains why the horse is the product of deliberate design—and so are you.
  • Brystol Reckner introduces you to her family’s horse ranch ministry in western Kentucky, home to 13 family members, 16 horses, cattle, and various additional ranch animals.
  • Katie Kubesh shares how to use research skills, along with paper, crayons, file folders, stickers, games, puzzles, and photographs, to create a horse lapbook.
  • Carolyn Hurst reveals fun facts about horses, and then helps your children easily draw a horse with a step-by-step drawing lesson.
  • Molly Green interviews an experienced horse owner and homeschool mom who shares tips about purchasing and caring for a horse of your own. Let Molly help you count the costs of owning a horse from choosing a horse to keeping your horse healthy.

Ever wonder if homeschooling is worth every minute and every sacrifice? Are you feeling exhausted after a busy homeschool year? Find encouragement as experienced homeschool moms share how to move from doubt, frustration, and fear to confidence.

  • Turn on the light in your homeschool and discover lessons you can learn from the Carlsbad Caverns.
  • Banish your fears of homeschooling and learn how to successfully homeschool your children and what to do when doubts erode your strength.
  • Ponder the shortness of life and the steadfastness of God with Sara Shull. As your life unfolds with joys, trials, and losses, learn how God can teach you and your family to number your days.

Learn important homeschool history, facts, and figures.

  • Read the statistics that prove home-educated students in K–12 score well above public-school students in all subject areas—15–30% higher!
  • Trace the modern homeschool movement through time and discover some major influences that have helped homeschooling grow.
  • Observe what men such as Plutarch, St. Augustine, Martin Luther, Benjamin Franklin, Einstein, and others have to say regarding educational approaches.
  • Follow Steve Demme’s homeschool adventure through the turbulent 1980s, when homeschooling was barely legal, to the challenges of raising and educating a special needs child, to the creation of his popular math curriculum, Math-U-See.

Explore ways to make literature interesting and help your struggling reader.

  • From tots to teens, explore ways to immerse your struggling reader in literature and spark an interest in reading.
  • Is it possible to ditch boring book reports? Examine seventeen fun ways to mine the depths of learning hidden in the language, plot, setting, adventure, history, or characters in a book.

Who is Joy Berry, and how did 10-year old Guy change the course of her life? Read Joy’s fascinating story and find out what she’s doing to help children succeed. In this interview, Joy explains how you, as a homeschool parent, can help your children become successful adults.
Is it necessary for you to have a job to help supplement your family’s income? Christy Stone, a homeschool mama of six children ages 8 and under, doesn’t think so. Christy explains how, after a year of couponing, her budget now ranges from $100–$200 a month—for a family of eight! Discover how Christy uses creative stewardship to save money—tips you can use to help stretch your budget too!

Make this a fun and refreshing summer. Recharge your strength with a subscription to The Old Schoolhouse® Magazine.


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