Summer 2008 Back Issue


The summer 2008 issue of TOS is not to be missed with great articles on flight and airplane design, homeschooling the gifted child and special needs child, adoption, Canada, science, the natural schoolhouse and so much more!



The summer 2008 issue of TOS is not to be missed. It provides product reviews, teaching ideas, and numerous articles written by your favorite homeschool experts.

  • 10 reasons to homeschool your child with special needs.
  •  Nothing compares with the good, old-fashioned, tried-and-true learning that takes place outdoors, especially for special needs children.
  • In a family with a disabled child, following the Holy Spirit each day, minute by minute, is the key to balancing all these parental responsibilities.
  • Homeschooling the gifted child.
  • Charlotte Mason homeschooling, including an article about using this method with autistic children.
  •  Natural Schoolhouse—We can learn both spiritual and practical lessons by observing sheep.
  •  Adoption—Several articles about open adoption, domestic adoption, and international adoption.
  •  Science—read and learn about intelligent design, theistic evolution, Creationist documentary about the life of Darwin, and changing history theories.
  •  Get an update about the homeschool situation in California.
  •  Homeschooling is a means of discipleship as we train our children for God’s glory. God equips those whom he calls to homeschool—including single moms.
  •  Intelligent design: what’s the fuss and what’s it all about?
  •  Nature walking—One of the consequences of removing God from the public school classroom is that wonder about His creation has been lost.
  •  Study the topic of flight and the men behind the design of airplanes. Also, learn what it’s like to be a pilot!
  • Meet other homeschooling families, and see how homeschooling works in their homes!
  •  Learn more about the country of Canada.
  •  Homeschooling and the kinesthetic child.
  •  Educational neglect, habitual truancy, and homeschooling.
  •  Help your child learn to love reading! Also, things to remember if you have a late reader.
  •  Read an interview with Dr.Mary Hood.
  •  Get great product reviews!


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