Summer 2003 Back Issue


SOLD OUT! Two new columns! Young Patriots & ? Try some new recipes from Sue Gregg, advice from John Holt, learn how to teach early math skills, and be reminded about what is truly important in “The Day I Died.” 




We introduce TWO new columns: Never Alone and Young Patriots!

Two new columns address different segments of the homeschooling population—single people/parents and homeschooled teens. Read about one of the first advocates for homeschooling, John Holt. Try some new recipes from Sue Gregg, learn how to teach early math skills, and be reminded about what is truly important in “The Day I Died.” Our magazine continues to grow with over 125 pages of wonderful articles for you!

  • HisStory – Diana Waring and Maggie Hogan talk history . . . and Handel.
  • Little Bear Wheeler: “Man of God, Family Man.”
  • Styles—Katherine Dang and James Rose on the principle approach.
  • In the Resource Room, Christine Field talks about learning disabilities and sensory integration therapies.
  • TOS and Patrick Farenga remember John Holt, one of the first advocates for homeschooling.
  • Jenefer Igarashi is “Running from the Chisel.” Can you relate?
  • Join Mark Hamby as he talks about the “Freedom to Grow in an Environment of Grace!”in the Chapel.
  • Diane Wheeler discusses “Desiring to be God’s Woman.”
  • Focus on the Family’s Marc Fey is here to encourage you in “Time for Family.”
  • Get ready to eat! Sue Gregg is teaching Home Ec! Recipes included!
  • Homeschooling 101—Learn from Dr. Ruth Beechick and Lisa Whelchel.
  • Marcy McDonald talks about “Words: Powerful as a Typhoon or Wimpy as a Sock.”
  • We introduce you to our new column, Never Alone, focusing on single people, as Janet Chismar of says “The Grass is Always Greener … or Is It?”
  • Publisher, Gena Suarez, shares her thoughts on “Living in a Castle or Life as a Single.”
  • In Homeschool Nation, meet CNN’s Jamie Colby and 2003 National Geography Bee winner, homeschooler James Williams.
  • Another new column, Young Patriots, will focus on essays submitted by homeschooled teens. In this issue, read about “Homeschoolers in the USA.”
  • In Top Hats and Parasols, Jubilee Barker tackles the question, “Can My Child Learn to Love the Classics?”
  • Get a “Recipe for Teaching Music in the Home” from Sandi Rebert of Praising God in the Piano.
  • Jenefer Igarashi writes a powerful story in “The Day I Died.” Are your children “just another endless household job?
  • In Kindergarten Korner, learn about “Teaching Early Arithmetic Skills Effectively.”






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