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Spring 2011 Back Issue


SOLD OUT! Are you tired of schedules and ready for a spring break? Do you need variety in your homeschool studies? Find ideas on robotics, the Appalachian trail, grammar rules, teaching science & history, backpacking chef & much more!




Are you tired of schedules and ready for a spring break? Do you need variety in your homeschool studies?

Let The Old Schoolhouse® Magazine take you away from your usual routine. Find ideas in the new Spring issue to break out of your rut and breathe a breath of fresh air into your homeschool.

Stories from missionaries will take you on virtual field trips around the world from the U.S. to Kenya, Indonesia, and China. Discover the blessings and challenges of homeschooling on the mission field.

Pack away your usual books and studies, and head out on the Appalachian Trail or to the nearest park with articles that will take you far away from your usual bookwork.

  • Learn about the Appalachian Trail with a fun unit study.
  • Grab colored pencils and learn how to sketch a common creature seen on the Appalachian Trail.
  • Find the courage to leave suburbia with Lenny Chew’s tips for newbie campers.
  • Dine on something other than ramen noodles with Sarah Rees’s secrets for preparing amazing meals on the trail.

Looking for something to do a little closer to home? Benjamin Newitt explains what you need to know if you want to attend or display your LEGO creations at a convention. Then he takes you behind the scenes at LEGOLAND for the LEGO factory tour.

Even if the great outdoors isn’t on your schedule, you can still break out of your old routine with articles designed to refresh your teaching style.

  • Discover the Christian approach to teaching history.
  • Join the debate between the two groups of grammar police and discover grammar rules you can live without and rules that deserve special attention.
  • See why Ruth Beechick recommends tossing those grammar books. Examine her plan forteaching grammar naturally.

Other articles will give you expert advice and tips for teaching math and science and help you quench those nagging fears you have about teaching these important subjects.

  • Discover how to make math fun and make it taste good too!
  • Gain “math confidence” with six rules for teaching math.
  • Help your children master three essential skills that will help them do well in math.
  • Teach physics with some fun labs.
  • Grab some household supplies and learn about the Second Law of Thermodynamics . . . the fun way!

Then peruse our special technology section and discover ways to enhance your homeschool with all things digital:

  • Visualize the future of technology for your children’s studies.
  • Dig for career opportunities for your tech-minded teen.
  • Locate helpful resources for training your children to use technology even if you don’t have a technical background.
  • Explore how robotics connects writing, vocabulary, science, math, geography, and more!

After school, invite your youngsters into the kitchen. Channel their enthusiasm for food preparation and teach them kitchen skills and safety. Take them from burnt toast to culinary delights. Then try Molly’s kid-friendly recipes.

Other articles you won’t want to miss include our new “Lunchroom” column, where you’ll find recipes for family meals and an article that reveals the results of a survey of TOS fans who answered the question, “What does your child want to be when he grows up?”
After the kids are in bed, pull out the magazine again and restore your soul with encouraging articles just for you.

Be informed and entertained as you read a delightful interview with Carol Barnier, who describes herself like this: “I sort of explain myself best by sharing that I strive for the wit of Erma Bombeck crossed with the depth of C. S. Lewis, but on most days all I really achieve is a solid Lucy Ricardo with a bit of Bob the Tomato.” Need we say more?

Do the storms of life make you feel powerless? What unexpected hurdles are you encountering? Ruth Gulbranson will help you learn how to put pain and prayer together to tap into God’s limitless power. Be inspired to trust God when you are powerless to change your circumstances.
Break out of the humdrum routine and put some variety back into your homeschool. Breathe new life into your days with a subscription to The Old Schoolhouse® Magazine.


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