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Spring 2006 Back Issue


SOLD OUT! What a great issue for spring! People are winding up the school year & looking forward to their summer breaks. But learning doesn’t have to end just because it’s summer . . . there’s a whole lot that can be learned in the springtime!




What a great issue for springtime! Parents are winding up the school year and looking forward to their summer breaks and vacations. But learning doesn’t have to end just because it’s summer . . . there’s a whole lot that can be learned by adopting an “unschooling” approach during those off months! Of course, the warmer months are the perfect time for studying bugs, and we have several mini unit studies that you can use with your family. Finally, you voted and the results are in—see which curriculum products were named to be the 25 Best Curriculum Choices . . . you just might see something that you could use with your family.

  • Unschooling: Misguided or Misunderstood?
  • Amanda Bennett shares her 10 reasons to homeschool in Homeschool Nation.
  • Who won a TOS Excellence in Education award? You voted and the results are in!
  • Let’s celebrate Dr. Ruth Beechick and her contributions to homeschooling.
  • Bugs, Bugs Everywhere! Unit studies you can use in your classroom.
  • Boy Scouts and 4-H: how they can enhance your home school .
  • Teaching music in the homeschool .
  • Enjoy our recommendations in our 2006 Field Trip Directory.
  • In her editorial, Jenefer Igarashi wonders what they really mean by socialization.
  • More on blogging and the “rules of the road” . . . meet the HSB Blogging Award winners!
  • Jeannie Fulbright shares information on hummingbirds in Real Science.
  • In Finishing the Race, you’ll learn how to make career planning easier for your high schooler with fun career exploration co-op ideas.
  • A homeschool graduate shares how homeschooling and college alternatives have blessed his life and prepared him for a successful future in Homeschool Valedictoria.
  • Learn how to organize your time in Home Ec.
  • The Natural Schoolhouse gives us lots of information on natural cures for bug bites, hidden benefits of raw honey, and more!
  • In Chapel, Teri Maxwell shares her concern for kids’ theology.


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