Spring 2004 Back Issue


SOLD OUT! A Walk Through History: The Great Depression – unit study info, literature, art, music, hunger during the Depression, and the adventure of a lifetime. Interviews, articles, encouragement, helpful advice & so much more inside!




A Walk Through History: The Great Depression – unit study info, literature, art, photography, music, hunger during the Depression, homemaking “Depression-style,” the Depression and WWII, and the adventure of a lifetime.

  • Special Feature: Exclusive Interview with Mel GibsonThe Passion of the Christ .
  • Media Spotlight “The Passion of the Christ in the Lunchroom” and “The Purpose of the Passion.”
  • “The Good News in Homeschooling” Zan Tyler returns and writes about “Titus 2 Embedded!”
  • Meet the Experts: Get to know Josh Harris, Lee Roddy, & Marilyn Moll.
  • Robin Sampson talks about the “Exodus from the Public Education System.”
  • Homeschool Nation focuses on California.
  • Learn about “Contributing to Your Community Through Service” in Young Patriots.
  • In Finishing the Race, get “One on One with Dave Ramsey” and read about “Homeschoolers and Higher Education.”
  • Get some “Insight into Lives and History: Reading and Writing the Memoir as Genre” inThe Library.
  • What about Beowulf—fiction or history?
  • Ken Ham discusses the “Gap Theory” (part 1 of 2).
  • Cindy Wiggers introduces us to “Geography Moments: Adding Spice to your School Day.”
  • Homeschool Finance with Jonni McCoy—”Living Debt-Free,” part 2.
  • In the Resource Room, Christine Field talks about the “Wilson Reading System: Solid Program, Proven Results.”
  • Take a Field Trip to Salem, Massachusetts.



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