Spring 2003 Back Issue - The Old Schoolhouse


Spring 2003 Back Issue


SOLD OUT! Come and celebrate some of the very best companies in the homeschooling community. Read how you can bring literature, art, and drama into your studies; plus get some much-needed encouragement for yourself!




Our Excellence in Education Awards issue!

Come and celebrate some of the very best companies in the homeschooling community. Check out our Winner’s Circle for a listing of great curricula to check out for use in your homeschool! Read how you can bring literature, art, and drama into your studies. In this issue, we also launch our new Home Ec column—come see what that’s all about! More great articles listed below:

  • In Assembly Hall, read our tribute to Dr. Raymond Moore—a pioneer in the truest sense!
  • Jenefer Igarashi’s Editorial poses the question,”Are you a crybaby?”
  • Resource Room—Special needs homeschooling with NATHHAN.
  • A haven for homemakers: Diane Wheeler launches our “Home Ec” column.
  • Get to know musician Michael Card—A TOS exclusive interview!
  • In our Devotional Corner, meet Annette Friesen of Peacemaker Ministries.
  • Units with Kym helps you with a microscope adventure!
  • In The Library, meet Mark Hamby and read about the Rare Collector’s Series of books.
  • In Top Hats & Parasols, Jubilee Barker shows you how to bring the world of literature to your homeschooler.
  • In HisStory, Diana Waring introduces us to George Washington Carver.
  • What is the Good News in Homeschooling? Chris Jeub of Focus on the Family talks about “Keeping Unity in the Home School Movement.”
  • Meet David Kupelian of World Net Daily in a TOS exclusive interview.
  • Take a Field Trip to Biltmore, one of America’s most magnificent and historical homes.
  • “Kinesthetic/Tactile Learners”—Pamela Maxey discusses the “let me” style of learning.
  • Homeschooling 101—Jessie Wise, a veteran homeschooler and co-author of The Well-Trained Mind, answers our questions.
  • Get a “Recipe for Teaching ART in the Home” from Barry Stebbing of How Great Thou Art.
  • In Fine Arts and Music, Sandi Rebert discusses teaching drama in the homeschool.
  • Kindergarten Korner talks about early language development.





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