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There’s something fresh about hanging a new calendar in January and clearing the slate of the past year—to start anew!  Molly is always thinking forward about what she can do to improve in all aspects of her life.  

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 New Year, New Molly Cover, New Strategies 

 Fast Forward into 2013 with Molly the Forward Thinker . . . 

There’s something fresh and fun about hanging a new calendar on January 1 and clearing the slate of the past year—whether it’s been a good year or a not-so-good one—to start anew! Molly is always thinking forward about what she can do to improve in every aspect of her life. This year it is her goal to help each of you to be forward thinkers, too.

So what is a forward thinker? It’s someone who thinks ahead, considers lots of possibilities, and then plans accordingly.  It’s a person who formulates strategies for success regardless of past history or future challenges. To initiate her readers into this forward-thinking mode, Molly’s filled the January 2013 pages of her magazine with brilliant information on family first aid, healthy eating, alternative health care, free prescriptions, family devotions, and so much more. There’s never been a better time to be a forward thinker than now, so join Molly as she puts on her forward-thinker hat and leads the way through 2013!

  • Use Alayna Cann’s calendar to plan all that you would like to celebrate this month during Celebrate Life Month. Buy a rubber ducky and a kazoo in preparation!
  • Be prepared for life’s little scuffs and serious emergencies with a well-stocked family first aid kit. Molly even provides a thorough checklist.
  • Quality medical care, medical bills, health insurance, and alternatives. Rhonda Barfield shares the important information she’s learned and lived.
  • Don’t know where to start with storing food for your family? No problem. Molly has all the tips and tricks to get you started on a successful journey of frugal food storage.
  • Is exercise on your resolution list this year? Learn how to make your own wrist and leg weights. You’ll be surprised how Sharon White does it!
  • Molly weighs in with helpful online finds for diet and exercise.  Yes, Molly’s gone techy! And she’s thinking about eating her way to youthfulness. Check out her advice.
  • Read all about Molly’s strategies for finding “free” prescriptions. And for those that are not free, it’s still possible to save money. Rhonda Barfield tells how to do it.
  • Family devotions are an important part of your family’s life. Make them fun and do it frugally with ideas from Inger Koppenhaver that you’re sure to incorporate.
  • Meaningful gifts can be produced from learning how to make and use an affordable knitting loom—complete with detailed instructions and photos by Sharon White.
  • Do you find it difficult to find time alone with God? Patricia Hunter gives instructions on how to create space for being still with God.
  • Is paper clutter taking over your home? Molly found a simple answer and shares how to use it to organize the important paper in your life.
  • Everyone knows a backward thinker, right? Yes, even Molly. Can you guess who it is?
  • Find out why you need water in your diet from Sarah Dugger as she explains the benefits and the quantity your body needs.


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