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Swing into spring with a new way to clean & find a niche for everything! Molly Green will show you some simple steps to spring clean in a new way as you spruce things up & organize without spending!

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 Swing into spring with a new way to clean . . .

And find a niche for everything!

Spring cleaning is a time-honored tradition, but Molly Green and her Money-Saving Digest-Making a Frugal Fresh Start will show you some simple steps to do it in a new way as you spruce things up on a shoestring and organize without spending!

Don’t you love a good yard sale? Learn to shop yard sales like a pro!

The goal of this month’s feature is to suggest ideas to use in three major areas—cleaning, organizing, and food (feeding your family). Start taking incremental steps toward lasting change . . .

Spruce Things Up on a Shoestring: Instead of the typical, go-all-out spring cleaning, a little daily discipline and a few simple routines are all it takes. Here are a few of the steps:

  • Stop dirt and grime from being tracked into the house. Great tips!
  • Learn the bathroom cleaning trick!
  • Have a clean fridge—how to break the job down into manageable sections.
  • Discover chemical-free tips for a clean-smelling house.
  • Quick-fix ideas when company’s unexpectedly on their way over!

Organize without Spending: You could spend a lot of money on organizational stuff—but you don’t have to!

  • Don’t throw it away! What can you do with oatmeal containers? Cylinder-shaped chip containers? Cereal boxes? Coffee cans? Caps from aerosol spray cans? An unused photo album? And there’s more . . . organize!
  • How are you using those plastic milk jugs?
  • Great ways to upcycle those 2-liter plastic soda bottles!
  • Kimberly, from Kimberly’s Cup, shows you how she repurposes glass jars for pantry storage. You may never throw out another jar!

Beyond Coupons—Seven Ways to Save Money While Eating Well: You’ll find practical suggestions to re-think ways of getting food on the table and enjoy healthy, creative meals without over-spending.

  • Watch your waist, and your waste! Re-think portion control!
  • Are you menu planning yet? Get a free E-Book download link that’ll make it so easy to get started!
  • Practice recipe substitutions. Get this handy chart to help!
  • Plan a cooking party or start a brunch club!
  • Consider bartering and gleaning. You’ll want to hear what Molly has to say about it.

But that’s not all! You’ll discover a fresh supply of inspiration and motivation, more scrumptious recipes, organization ideas, and lots more.

  • The Egg: Do you know the foolproof way to prepare hard-boiled eggs? Learn an extra tip for making devilled eggs, and enjoy some great recipes!
  • The Tax Refund—What We’re Doing With It This Year: What works well for one family and how they enjoyed using their tax refund (hint: not a vacation).
  • How to Shop Yard Sales like a Pro! Wouldn’t you like to afford luxury items you don’t normally buy, name brand clothing you usually do without, and have a stockpile of gifts for later in the year?
  • How Do You Hold a Successful Yard Sale? The key to success is organization. Plus 10 more tips that will help you earn more money!
  • Sowing Servant Hearts: In Parenting that Pays, Dena shares about teaching kids responsibility and gives wonderful ideas for making chore time easier.
  • A Repurposing Project: An old kitchen cabinet door serves as a key rack and adds a touch of nostalgia and family history (with photos).
  • Home Financial Filing System: Don’t get lost in the outpouring of receipts and endless papers! Save time and headaches when you start utilizing this simple filing system!
  • Consider Double-Duty Furniture: “A place for everything and everything in its place” becomes much easier when you plan on furniture that will work double-duty!
  • Goal Getter Spotlight: Annie shares about being frugal to fund an adoption. Jennifer saved for her dream vacation fund. And you’ll really be encouraged by Kris—how her family reached their goal of a 3-month buffer in savings and took control of their finances.
  • Store More Than Just Shoes: Tambra wrote in to share the most versatile item that she has found so far—the over-the-door shoe organizer. You’ll be astounded at the many ideas she has!

Do you feel a yard sale coming on?

Molly has a wealth of information & support to share for an incredibly low price!

Once you’ve read this E-Book we know you’ll be anxious to start “busting free from this economy.”

Project Manager: Eleanor Joyce

Contributing Writers: Eleanor Joyce, Kris Price

Publication: 2009

Pages: 37

File Size: 2.2 MB



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